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Importing Brushes and Other File Types
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Importing Brushes and Other File Types
Created by:Prof

In this tutorial we will look at how one sets up custom brushes in PSP 8 and how to include custom brushes from other sources (such as those currently in PSP 7 or other downloaded brushes).

PSP version 8 has some basic file types: Gradients, Masks, Patterns, Picture Frames, Picture Tubes, Plug-Ins, Preset Shapes and Textures. This tutorial will also provide you with the basic steps to include from PSP 7 those file types that you may have that are not included in PSP 8.

Basics: The File Locations Window

First, become familiar with the File Locations window. To activate it go to File || Preferences || File Locations. (Note: I have placed this item on my Standard toolbar because I often use it to add new file types to my PSP 8 program.)

The File Locations window has two sections:
(1) File Types and
(2) Folders.

By exploring the various file types and then viewing the folders you will become familiar with the way PSP 8 identifies where to look for that file type. (You might also want to use your file manager and browse to the folder on your hard drive for PSP 8 and then browse the various sub-folders to see what is in them.)

Folders Section Overview

When you include file types from PSP 7 or from a type you have downloaded from the web, you want to make some decisions where this file type will be located.

The most important decision is what folder you will save the file type in.

Then you will need to decide if you are going to scan any sub-directory (sub-folder) in the directory (folder) you have identified.

After you have set up additional directories (folders) for a file type, you then want to decide if you are going to enable that directory. There are times you might only want a specific directory to be displayed. When you have a lot of a particular file types (such as brushes or tubes) it will take a while for them to load them all. Thus, you might want to use separate sub-directories that will also help you organize the file types into easy to identify sub-directories and just enable those directories you are going to use so load time is small.

Changing/Adding/Deleting Folders

To change a path and/or folder name, select it in the folder list and click on the "Browse" button. Browse to the folder on your hard drive that you want to use. Highlight that folder and then click on OK.

To add a new folder, click on the "Add" button. A new line is added to the folder list. You can now click on the "Browse" button and browse to the directory (folder) on your hard drive that you want to use. Highlight that folder and then click on OK. Then click somewhere into the folder section to deselect that line.

To delete a folder just highlight it and click on the "Delete" button.

When you have added a new folder, decide if it will be the folder you want to save File Types to and if so check that radio button. If there are sub-folders in that folder, and you want those folders to be used, check the "Scan" box. Then check the "Enable" box to make that folder visible when used by PSP 8.

Importing Brushes

To add brushes you have in other places than PSP 8, you will need to import them. The brushes imported are converted to PSP 8 format which is not readable by other versions.

PSP 8 can not read brushes (*.jbr) from other programs so just setting a folder for brushes to look into that is in another folder than 8 program folders will not work.

Also, importing brushes can only be done one brush at a time, unless the brush file you are importing has a number of brushes in it as do the PSP 7 brushes.

To Import Brushes:

  • Go to File || Import || Custom Brushes.
  • Click on the "Open" button and browse to the directory (folder) where the brushes you want to import are stored.
  • In the Brushes section on the left you will see the brushes you have selected. In the illustration I have set up the JascBrush.jbr from my PSP 7 folder.
  • When you click on the "Add All" button those brushes will all be transferred to the "Selected for import" section on the right.
    If you only want to transfer a single or a few brushes rather than all of them, just hold down the Ctrl key and click on the brush(es) you want to transfer. Then click on the "Add" button.
  • Then, click on the "Edit Paths" button to get the File Locations dialog. Make sure that in the File Types section "Brushes" is highlighted. Then in the Folders section, if you have not yet added a folder where you want these new brushes to be imported to, click on the "Add" button and select a folder.
    If you have already set up the new folder, highlight it and make sure you have the "Enable" box checked.
  • Finally, in the Import Custom Brush dialog, click on OK to set the brushes for PSP 8.

Special Tip


Hints and Tips

Although you can import brushes to the PSP 8 Brushes folder, I would suggest you set up another folder. Thus, you can determine when to use those brushes to keep load time short. You would use the Files Location dialog and uncheck or check the box for enabling a folder.

You can use the default "My Documents" folder if you have a PSP 8 folder set up in it. Or, you can set up a new folder. You might want to name this folder in a way that reminds you of the type of brushes you have in it. For instance, in the illustration, you might set up a "Jasc7Brushes" folder for all the previous brushes from PSP 7.

Note: If you use the current PSP 7 Brushes folder, the brushes you have selected will be converted into the PSP 8 format ("Brushname.Pspbrush" or "Brushname.PspScript"). Your original brushes will remain as labeled.

Note: If you have a series of single image brushes, you need to import them one at a time and then close the Import Custom Brush window for each new brush.

To import all your brushes from PSP 7 might take a bit of time but to do so will provide you with the brushes you are familiar with and you will have new PSP 8 brushes as well.

Adding Folders for Other File Types

Other than importing brushes, all other file types are added for PSP 8 by using the Files Location dialog:

  • Highlight the file type wanted.
  • In the Folders section, click on "Add" to add a new folder.
  • Browse to the folder on your hard drive and highlight it. Click on OK.
  • In the Files Location dialog, check the "Scan Sub-Folders" box if there are any sub-folders and check the "Enable Folder" box.

Now, your file type will be available to you in PSP 8. Also, you are able to add as many new folders as wanted and are not limited to just three as you were in PSP 7.

Final Thoughts

The process of importing brushes and setting the File Location for other file types from PSP 7, etc. is not difficult. It might take a little time to complete the process. However, the steps provided here will get you going on setting up PSP 8 with previous file types you have been using.

Also, you do not need to set up the folders all at once. You can set them up as you begin using a particular tool or gradient or texture.

Enjoy Prof