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Lace Doily
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Lace Doily
Created by: Barbara Townsend

For those of us who have spent many hours searching for lace and lace doilies I think this tutorial is going to be a help. We will be using a texture, Geometric effects and the Kaleidoscope effect.

New Image

Start with a new image:
– Width and Height = 350 X 350 pixels
– Background = Raster
– Color Depth = 16 Million Colors
– Color = a light blue (Red=131, Green=181, Blue=255; #83B5FF)
– Transparent = unchecked

We will remove the light blue background later. It's purpose is to be able to see what you are doing.

Materials Palette - Materials Box Materials Solid Color Option   Materials Texture Option Set your Foreground Material to Solid Color = White. Click into the Foreground Materials Box, check the Texture Box and select the 'Polka Dot' texture:
– Angle = 0
– Scale = 100
New Raster Layer     Flood Fill Tool

Image Flood-Filled with Polka-Dot Texture

Create a new layer and name it 'Lace'.

Flood-fill it with the white texture. Click about 10 times to make the white stronger.

You should have a square image with white dots on a colored background.

Geometric Effect: Circle

Go to Effects || Geometric Effects || Circle and reset to default. Then set:
– Edge Mode = Transparent.
Click on OK.

Go to Image || Resize:
– Pixel Dimensions = 80 Percent (select 'Percent' and type Width = '80%', the height will automatically be set)
– Resolution = 72 Pixels
– Resampling = Smart Size
– Lock Aspect Ratio = checked
– Resize all layers = unchecked

Click on OK.

Doily with Kaleidoscope Effect

Go to Effects || Reflection Effects || Kaleidoscope:
– Horizontal Offset = 25
– Vertical Offset = 50
– Rotation Angle = 270
– Scale Factor = -17 (minus 17)
– Number of Petals = 6
– Number of Orbits = 0
– Radial Suction = 32
– Edge mode = Repeat

Click on OK.


The lace is now made. If you want, save your lace doily as a Picture Tube:

Highlight the bottom layer in your Layer palette (named 'Background' and delete it. Go to Edit || Copy (Ctrl+C), then to Edit || Paste || Paste As New Image (Ctrl+V). Then go to File || Export || Picture Tube, just name it and click on OK.

Your image is now a tube and you can use it with the Picture Tube tool.

New Image     New Raster Layer     Flood Fill Tool

Snowflake-Like Doily

Let's make a snowflake-like ornament using similar techniques:

Create a new image with the same settings as the first one: Hold your Shift key down and click on the New Image icon (that way your new image is set the same way as the one before).

Create a new layer and flood-fill it with the same pattern about, 10 clicks.

Use the same Geometric effect like before (Effects || Geometric Effect || Circle). Then go to Image || Resize with the same values.

Go to Effects || Reflection Effects || Kaleidoscope and change only these values:
– Vertical Offset = 15
– Rotation Angle = 300
– Scale factor = 17 (plus 17)
– Number of Petals = 5
– Radial Suction = 7


You could also save this image as a tube using the same techniques as described earlier.

Experiment with different Kaleidoscope effects values to get different designs for doilies and snowflakes.