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Creating a New Image
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Creating a New Image
Created by: Prof

In this tutorial we will explore the 'new look' and features to the New Image dialog.
New Image


As in previous version, one activates the New Image dialog by either going to File || New, clicking on the "New" icon in the Standard toolbar or pressing Ctrl+N on the keyboard.

Creating a new image (or canvas) is very much the same as in previous versions. However, there are more options available now in the New Image dialog. Thus, it is much easier now to set various options.

The new features:

  • Presets: There are now a number of presets available for different types of images. Just click on the little down-arrow in the Presets box to view all presets available. (More about the saving of presets below.)
  • The Image Characteristics information has also got a new layout and makes creating new images very easy:
    • Check either Raster Background or Vector Background for the type of image to start with.
    • Set the Color Depth as in previous versions.
    • Check the 'Transparent' box for a transparent background or uncheck it for a colored background.
    • When using a colored background, clicking on the 'Color' box will bring up the Materials dialog from which one can select the background material wanted.
  • Then click on OK to create the new image.

Saving Presets

  • Save Preset Option Click on the 'Save Preset' icon next to the Presets drop-down list.
  • In the Save Preset dialog, click on the Options button to see all the information that is saved for the new preset.
    • The key information needed is the name for your new preset.
    • The section 'Preset includes' shows all the information that has been set for the new preset.

The new look to these types of dialogs makes things easier and quicker.

Enjoy! – Prof –