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Note Cards
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Note Cards
Created by: Barbara Townsend


Nothing is more personal than a special made note card to say "Thank You" or an "Invitation" to a very special event. Once having gone through the tutorial you will see how easy it can be and you will be making personal cards for any occasion that calls for one.

Just follow step by step and you will soon become an expert at creating your own note cards. I do recommend that you use good card stock whether you purchase the already cut kits or use your own. Your created card should look as good as one purchased from a card store.



Pre-cut cards for printing or card stock. If using card stock you will need a tool for scoring and a bone folder. These can be purchased in craft stores and office supplies.

Special Tip

Creating the Card

Before beginning to create your card, plan what you are going to do. Make a file folder and name it. Create your images and name them "1", "2", "3", "4" or whatever pages you intend to use. Prepare your message and name what page it will be on. Have a back page that will be suitable for the whole card. I suggest that you look at a purchased card and examine it.

First Fold First make a test by folding a plain sheet of paper in half like this. Then fold it half again. With the test card in front of you mark:
– The first page #1.
– The inside right #2.
– The inside left #3.
– The back #4.
When you open the paper you will be able to see the layout plan of the card.
Second Fold

With all your images opened on the PSP workspace, go to File || Print Layout. In the Print Layout window go to File || Open template and choose template #3266.

Your template is opened and your images should be in the left side panel of the Print Layout window. Drag and drop them one by one into each cell where they should go. Notice that the front page and the back page should be upside down to look right on the final print.

Rotation Icons The icons shown on the left are the rotation commands on the toolbar in the Print Layout window. Click inside the cell and rotate your images for proper placement on the template like the ones in the illustration below.
Full Page Layout

Printing the Card

In PSP 8 as well as in PSP 9 your printer can be set from the Print Layout window. Always select the best print cycle. I suggest that you run a test first on the ink saving cycle using plain paper to be sure that everything is as you like it. Every printer has a selection for the type of paper you will be printing on. This will give you the best print quality for your very special card.

Remember that bone folder suggested earlier – this is where you will use it in perfecting your crease.

This is a craft project that is made by using PSP 8 or 9. I hope you enjoyed it.

Barbara Townsend