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October Wreath
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October Wreath
Created by: Barbara Townsend


Autumn is a beautiful time of the year. This wreath will help you enjoy it.

I suggest you work in layers so if you want to make changes it will be easier. I won't tell you each time when to make a new layer; this will have to be up for you to decide. We have no need to name these layers as you can highlight them to see what they are.

Working with precise cursors can give you better control over placing leaves. If you are not familiar with these you can find them under File || Preferences || General Program Preferences on the Display and Caching tab. This step is optional, of course you can stay with the regular cursor if it is more comfortable for you to use.

I used the "Autumn Leaves" and "Black Cats" picture tubes that came with PSP 8. If you have other leaves, flowers, and objects you prefer to use then do so.

Download File Download File
The download file on the left contains a raffia bow that we'll use to decorate our wreath.

New Image

Open a new image:
– Width and Height = 300 pixels
– Background = Raster Background
– Color Depth = 16 million colors (24 bit)
– Transparent = checked

Materials Palette - Materials Box  Materials Solid Color Option Materials Transparent Option When a florist creates a wreath they have a form to build on. We will do that too. Select any shade of brown for the Foreground Material (I used Red = 128, Green = 64, Blue = 0; #804000). Set the Background Material to Transparent (Null).

Preset Shapes Tool

Move Tool

Click on Preset Shapes tool (P) and select:
– Shape = Ellipse
– Retain style = unchecked
– Create as vector = unchecked
– Anti-alias = checked
– Line style = +Solid
– Width = 1

Holding down the Shift key (so you get a circle), draw a circle that fills much of the image. Leave enough room to build on this circle.

Using the Move tool, move the circle to the center of your image. We need not be exact on this as the image will be cropped later.

Picture Tube Tool

New Raster Layer

Select your Picture Tube tool:
– Tube = Autumn Leaves
– Scale = 40
– Step = 250
– Placement Mode = Random
– Selection Mode = Random

(It would be here where I would make a new layer: Layers || New Raster Layer.)

Start at the top of the circle with the first leaf, go down to the bottom for the second, then to the right side and then one on the left. Using theses four points will help you better balance the wreath as you go.

Proceed around the circle placing your leaves. If you don't like a certain leaf or where you placed it, do a Ctrl+Z to undo and replace it. Continue building the wreath until you like it's fullness.

Eraser Tool You may notice that stems are sticking out from the leaves. These look unsightly so I erased mine.
New Raster Layer     Picture Tube Tool

(Here I would create a new layer again.)

When everything is where you want it, select an object to place on your wreath. I selected the "Black Cat" tube from the Picture Tubes tool for mine, Scale = around 35.

Because I used layers I could move the cat behind the leaves by going to Layers || Arrange || Move Down. You will have to work with this to get it where you want it.

You can also decorate your wreath with other objects, e.g. some autumn-colored butterflies ... Your wreath, your choice!

Copy     Deform Tool

Preset: Reset to Default Option

Now for the finale. Such a wreath needs a raffia bow. I have supplied this in the download file. If you wish you may tube it to use at another time and make it easier to resize. (To make it a tube go to File || Export || Picture Tube, name your tube and click on OK.)

For now, copy the raffia bow (Edit || Copy or Ctrl+C) and paste it as a new layer into your wreath image (Edit || Paste || Paste As New Layer or Ctrl+L). I then resized mine using the Deform tool.

With the bow in place go to Layers || Merge || Merge Visible. Now go to Effects || 3D Effects || Drop Shadow and use the default shadow settings that came with the program, or change them to get an effect you like better. (For the default settings click on the Reset-to-Default button in the upper right corner of the Drop Shadow dialog.)

To get rid of the unnecessary empty space around your wreath, go to Edit || Copy (Ctrl+C) and then to Edit || Paste || Paste As New Image (Ctrl+V).

Your wreath is now completed. Be sure to save it. Enjoy PSPing in Autumn!

Barbara T.