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Photo Auto-Enhancement
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Photo Auto-Enhancement
Created by: Prof


In this tutorial we will use the Adjust menu and the automatic enhancement functions (Color Balance, Brightness/Contrast, Edge Preserving Smooth, Clarify and Sharpen). These functions enhance photographs giving them a more realistic look.

We will use two approaches to accomplish the enhancements: The first approach will manually use the auto enhancements. The second approach will use the script feature and run the One Step Photo Fix script.


Download File Download File

The photograph I am using in this tutorial is from PSP 7 in its Images || Sample folder and is labeled "/tutorial/html/tut8eff/truck.jpg". If you do not have this photo, you may download the resized version with the download file on the left.

The original image is 1024x768 pixels and needs to be resized to 40%: Go to Image || Resize:
– Dimensions = 40 Percent
– Print Size = does not matter
– Resample = checked: Smart Size
– Lock aspect ratio = checked
– Resize all layers = checked


Enhancing a Photograph

The photo (image) enhancement functions are located in the Adjust menu. These functions are used to make photographs and images more realistic in appearance. We will explore using the functions first manually and then use the Script feature of PSP 8 to do a 'One Step' enhancement.

One technique to use to see how each of these functions produce an enhancement is to duplicate the layer, then do the enhancement and name the layer after the enhancement used.

Using this approach for each of the steps outlined below will then allow you to compare the layers with either those new enhancements or with the original layer. As you take time to view the differences between the enhancements you will become more familiar with how these enhancements work on photographs and images.

Open Image Open the photo in PSP 8 and duplicate it twice by going to Window || Duplicate (Shift+D), then close the original photo.

Preset: Reset to Default Option

The Manual Steps

Start with one of the duplicated images.

Follow the steps outlined below. For each enhancement use the default setting. (In the enhancement dialogs, click on the 'Reset to Default' button in the upper right corner for the default settings.) If you are going to view each enhancement on a separate layer, duplicate the existing top layer first and then apply the enhancement.

  1. Adjust || Add/Remove Noise || Edge Preserving Smooth
  2. Adjust || Sharpness || Sharpen
  3. Adjust || Brightness and Contrast || Clarify
  4. Adjust || Color Balance || Automatic Color Balance
  5. Adjust || Brightness and Contrast || Automatic Contrast Enhancement
  6. Adjust || Color Balance || Fade Correction

Now, your photograph has more clarity and sharpness.


Using a Script: One Step Photo Fix

Start with the second duplicated image.

First, we need the Script toolbar visible: Go to View || Toolbars || Script

Next, we need to select the script to run: Click on the down-arrow at the drop-down list on the left of the Script toolbar and select 'OneStepPhotoFix'. (If you wish to explore the Script toolbar at bit, run your mouse over each of the icons to see their function.) Finally run the script: Click on the 'Run Selected Script' icon next to the script drop-down list.

That's all there is to it. The script will enhance the photo step by step automatically.


Save Image

Save the enhanced photo as a .pspimage or .psp file with the name 'enhanced-truck.psp'. Future tutorials will use this photograph.

Enjoy! – Prof –