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Quick Sparkle Tube
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Quick Sparkle Tube
Created by: Jaci

Here's a quick tutorial on how to make one of those nice sparkle tubes:

New Image
Create a new image big enough so you've got plenty of space to work. I had:
– Width and Height = 300
– Resolution = 72.00
– Background = Raster
– Color Depth = 16.7 Million Colors
– Color = Black
– Transparent = unchecked
Materials Palette - Materials Box  Materials Solid Color Option Set your Foreground Material to Solid Color and the color to the desired sparkle color which is usually one that the black background is a good contrast to (I had a yellow: Red = 255, Green = 255, Blue = 192; #FFFFC0).
New Raster Layer Add a new raster layer (Layers || New Raster Layer).

Pen Tool  Preset: Reset to Default Option
Activate your Pen tool and set to default, then change the following settings only:
– Create as vector = unchecked
– Width = 4
– Anti-aliasing = unchecked

Draw a straight vertical line somewhere in the center of your image; hold the Shift key down to keep the line completely straight.

Don't go from the upper to the lower edge since we need some space above and below (but especially above) that line for the following step.


Go to Adjust || Blur || Motion Blur:
– Angle = 0
– Strength = 40

Apply this effect 5 times all in all (you can hit Ctrl+Y to repeat the effect).

Copy     Delete Layer     Duplicate Layer

Hit Ctrl+C (Edit || Copy) and then Ctrl+L (Edit || Paste || Paste As New Layer) to copy the sparkle layer into the clipboard and then paste it as a new layer into the image. This centralises your line into your image. Then activate the previous layer ('Raster 1') and delete it (Layers || Delete).

Click on the sparkle layer to activate it, duplicate this layer (Layers || Duplicate) and go to Image || Rotate || Free Rotate:
– Direction = Right or Left (doesn't matter)
– Degrees = 90
– All layers = unchecked
– Rotate single layer around canvas center = checked


Duplicate Layer

Now go to Layers || Merge || Merge Down to merge the two sparkle layers.

Duplicate the merged layer (Layers || Duplicate) and go to Image || Rotate || Free Rotate again. Change the Degrees to Free = 45, let all other settings as are.


Now we want to resize the second sparkle part to 50 or 75 percent, your choice:

Go to Image || Resize. I used these settings:
– Pixel Dimensions: Width and Height = 75 Percent
– Resample using = Smart Size
– Lock aspect ratio = checked
– Resize all layers = unchecked

Then go again to Layers || Merge || Merge Down to merge the sparkle layers.


Crop Tool  Crop Area = Opaque - Current Layer     Apply current tool settings

Delete Layer

Activate your Crop tool and in the Tool Options palette click on the "Layer Opaque" button. Then click on the Apply button in the Tool Options palette to crop your image to just the size your sparkle requires.

The only thing to do now is deleting your Background layer, then you can go to File || Export || Picture Tube to save your sparkle as a tube. In the Export Picture Tube dialog, just type in a name for your tube and click on OK. Next time you need a sparkle you've got your tube available.

Enjoy! :-))