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Created by: Barbara Townsend

This is a quick and simple tutorial. A fun thing to do.

New Image
First create three new images, all with transparent background:
– Image no. 1 = 225 x 225 pixels
– Image no. 2 = 205 x 205 pixels
– Image no. 3 = 200 x 200 pixels
Materials Palette - Materials Box  Materials Solid Color Option     Flood Fill Tool

Flood-fill the images with solid color:
– no. 1 = Green (Red=71, Green=143, Blue=74; #478F4A)
– no. 2 = White (Red=255, Green=255, Blue=255; #FFFFFF)
– no. 3 = Red/Pink (Red=255, Green=105, Blue=105; #FF6969)


Click on the Title bar of the green image to make it the active image and go to Effects || Geometric Effects || Circle:
– Transparent = checked

Do this for the white and the red images as well.


Switch back to the white image and go to Edit || Copy (Ctrl+C), then activate the green image and go to Edit || Paste || Paste As New Layer (Ctrl+L). The new white layer is perfectly centered in the green circle.

Switch to the red/pink image and copy it (Edit || Copy or Ctrl+C), then paste it also into the green image (Edit || Paste || Paste As New Layer or Ctrl+L).

You should now have a circle of green with two inner circles of white and red, all on different layers. Now go to Layers || Merge || Merge Visible.

Close the white and the red/pink images, they are no longer needed.

Selection Tool

Turn on the rulers and the guides: Go to View || Rulers, then to View || Guides.

With your mouse, drag out a horizontal guide from the top ruler to the position y:130. (To fine-tune the guide you can double-click or right-click on its handle in the left ruler and then correct the value if necessary.)

Choose the Selection tool:
– Selection type = Rectangle
– Mode = Replace
– Feather = 0
– Anti-alias = unchecked

Draw a rectangle selection on the upper part of the circle from the guide line up (to make that easier you can turn on the snap-to-guides: Go to View || Snap To Guides). Now hit the Delete key, then remove the guide (View || Guides) and deselect (Selection || Select None or Ctrl+D).


Materials Palette - Active Colors

Paint Brush Tool

Turn on the grid: Go to View || Grid. Then go to View || Change Grid, Guide & Snap Properties and set for the current image:
– Horizontal grids = 7
– Vertical grids = 10

Change your Foreground Color to black.

Select your Paint Brush tool:
– Tooltip = Calligraphy tablet pen
– Size = 10


Starting in the grid centered on the bottom of the red/pink make the first seed.

For this I used precise cursors. This can be found under File || Preferences || General Program Preferences on the Display and Caching tab. To turn the precise cursor off again, you'll need to go there again.

Carefully place each seed were it needs to be by looking at the images on the left. I'm showing you the melon in two halves so you can see the placement of the seeds in the grid better.

Should you see a need to change a seed placement remove the unwanted placement by using the Airbrush tool and painting over the seed with the red/pink color. Then replace it with the black as before.


When you're finished, turn off the grid (View || Grid), go to Edit || Copy (Ctrl+C) and then to Edit || Paste || Paste As New Image (Ctrl+V). That way you haven't got any unnecessary empty space around your watermelon. You can now close the original image.

Your watermelon is now ready for tubing (File || Export || Picture Tube) or whatever you want to use it for.

Have fun,

Barbara T.