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The PSP Browser
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The PSP Browser
Created by: Bella Morte

Have you ever wondered what to use the Browser function in Paint Shop Pro for or even how to use it? Well, this tutorial will show you what a useful little tool it is.
PSP 5:

PSP 6:

PSP 5:      PSP 6:
To start up the PSP Browser, either

go to File || Browse,

press Ctrl+B,

click on the "Browse" button in the "New Image" dialog box, or

click on the "Browser" icon in your tool bar (if your tool bar is configured to include that icon).
As you can see, the browser is divided into two sections. The left hand section looks exactly the same as if you had opened the Windows Explorer.

The right hand section may or may not have rows of images called thumbnails. If there are no thumbnails showing, then, via the explorer-like harddrive-tree structure on the left, go to where you know you have a whole heap of images. By now, you should have a bunch of thumbnails in the right hand section. At this point in time, the browser will also update the thumbnails.

What this means is, if you have been in that folder before with the PSP browser, it automatically searches for new images to add to the browser file. This search will occur every time you go to any folder.

Now we'll sort them. Click on File || Sort. Have a look at the sorting criteria that it offers, both primary and secondary. Make your choices, then click OK.

The thumbnails are now sorted the way you want them. :o)

The beauty of the browser is that it saves a browser file, "pspbrwse.jbf", in that directory (folder) for later reference. So, when you go there a few days or weeks later and you open the browser again, it will automatically open that little browser file and then do a quick update.

Note: The pspbrwse.jbf file size fluctuates every time you add and/or remove images from that directory.

Although pspbrwse.jbf is good, it uses up a lot of space. It has been suggested to go into File || Preferences || General Program Preferences, click on the "Browser" tab and uncheck "Save Browser Files to Disk". If you have a smaller hard drive this would save you a lot of space. "The choice, however, is up to you." This is merely a suggestion. :))

If it doesn't do the automatic update, then all you have to do is go to File || Update Thumbnails and any pictures you have added to the directory (folder) since you last visited it with the browser, or added while the browser is open, will now be added to the browser file.

And if you do want your browser to automatically update the thumbnails, then all you have to do is go to File || Preferences || General Program Preferences, click on the "Browser" tab, and check "Update Thumbnails Automatically".

The next neat thing with the browser is that you can work on the files while you still have the browser open.

Double-click any thumbnail, or take it with your mouse and drag it into the PSP workspace. Now you can work on that image.

Now close that image, not the browser.

Now right-click on any thumbnail. A pop-up menu will appear. As you can see, you can Copy, Delete, Move, Rename and Open the images right from here.

"Information" will allow you to view that image's information.

Additional options in PSP6 are "Send To StudioAvenue", "Print Multiple Images", and the last option is "Preferences" which takes you right to the Browser preferences.


With PSP 6, you can scroll to the bottom of the thumbnails, and right-click in an area without thumbnails. A completely different pop-up menu will appear, with the following options:

Sort: is a faster way of accessing the Sort feature without having to go up to File || Sort;
Select: will allow you to select one or more thumbnails for one or more criteria. If you don't know the file extension then you can use the wildcard * instead. The wildcard can also be used in the name of the file, if for example you know the file starts with 'P' (upper or lower case doesn't matter), you would type: p*.* then click OK;
Find Name: is a more simplistic version of "Select". The wildcard applies here as well;
Update Thumbnails: is a faster way of accessing that feature without having to go up to File || Update Thumbnails;
Refresh Tree: does exactly as it suggests. A useful feature if you have opened Windows Explorer and deleted a directory (folder) after moving the images elsewhere; and
Preferences: is a faster way of changing the Browser and Thumbnail settings without having to go up to File || Preferences || General Program Preferences.

And, I have found it is the best way to install tubes with or without the tube info.txt file. Whether it has one or not, I ignore the tube info.txt file and use the browser to install the tube.

All you do is: First unzip the tube file (with either .tub or .psp ext) into your temp directory. Open PSP, go to File || Browser and go to where your temp directory is located.

Double-click the tube/psp image to open it in PSP. Then just click on File || Export || Picture Tube, fill in all the necessary details, then click OK.

Close the image and delete it from your temp directory.

And that is all there is to the Browser function within Paint Shop Pro. :o) It is a much easier way of sorting through your images. Enjoy using it. I know I would be lost without mine. ;o)