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Simple "Yahoo!" Style 3D Buttons
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Simple "Yahoo!" Style 3D Buttons
Created by: Yuval Adam

Make a new image: go to File || New:
Width = 100
Height = 100
Background Color = Black (you can use any color).
Choose white as your foreground color and your button color as background color.
PSP 5: Click on the Shapes tool:
Shape = Circle
Style = Filled
Outline = 1
Antialias = checked

PSP 6: Click on the Preset-Shapes tool:
Shape type = Circle
Style = Filled
Line width = 1
Antialias = checked
Create as vector = unchecked

Place the cursor somewhere in the center (close to 50,50) and draw a circle.
Click on the arrow in the Active Colors Panel to flip the colors.
Select the circle using the Magic Wand tool
Match Mode = RGB Value
Tolerance = 0
Feather = 0

Fill in the circle with the Flood Fill tool:
PSP 5:
Fill Style = Sunburst Gradient
Match Mode = RGB Value
Tolerance = 20
Opacity = 100

In the options menu:
Blend Mode = Normal
Vertical = 0%
Horizontal = 0%

PSP 6:
Fill style = Sunburst Gradient
Blend mode = Normal
Paper texture = None
Match mode = RGB Value
Tolerance = 20
Opacity = 100

Tab 2:
Gradient = Foreground-Backgrd
Repeats = 0
Horizontal = 0
Vertical = 0

Contract the selection: go to Selections || Modify || Contract. I used 8 pixels but you can change it according to the depth of the button you want.
Press "Delete".
Flip the colors again.
Fill in the selection using the same settings.

There are some variations you can use:
– Change the depth of the button edge (contracting selection);
– flip the colors so you get the opposite effect;
– give your button a drop shadow;
– add some text in the center (if there is enough space) and use the Cutout effect.