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Gold Oval Button
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Gold Oval Button
Created by: Kastle Designs

Open a new image
Width = 200 pixels
Height = 100 pixels
Background Color = white
Select the Selection tool:
Selection Type = Circle
Feather = 0
Antialiasing = unchecked
Now set the curser at the coordinates (25, 50) (check the left hand corner of your status bar for the coordinates) and make a circle of 30 pixels x 30 pixels.
Now, while holding down the Shift key, set the curser at the coordinates (120, 50) and make another circle of 30 pixels x 30 pixels. You can check your size as you are making it by watching the status bar.
Change the Selection Type to Rectangle. Now while holding down the Shift key again, set the curser at the coordinates (25, 35) and draw a rectangle of 95 x 30.
Select the Flood Fill tool:
Blend mode = Normal
Match mode = None
Tolerance = n/a
Opacity = 100
Sample merged = unchecked
Set both your foreground and background styles to Solid Color (click on the little arrows in the Style boxes and choose the icon on the left), then click into the Style boxes and set foreground color to R=255, G=245, B=208 and background color to white. Your textures should both be set to None.
Click into selection to fill the inside of the image.
Now, under Selections || Modify || Feather, set feather to 5 and click OK.
With the area still selected, go to Effects || Artistic Effects || Hot Wax Coating and apply hot wax three times.
Now select Colors || Colorize, set Hue to 36 and Saturation to 157 and click OK.
Now, go to Effects || Sharpen || Sharpen and sharpen one time. Now deselect (Selections || Select None) and you are finished...