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Quick Golden Button
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Quick Golden Button
Created by:Graham

This is a quick tutorial on how to make a button like the one above in five easy steps.

Standard Toolbar - New (image) button
Begin with a new image:
Width = 200 pixels
Height = 50 pixels
Resolution = 72 pixels/inch
Background = White
Image Type = 16.7 Million Colors (24 Bit)

PSP5 & PSP6 Foreground/Background Color Palette
Next choose the colour blue for the foreground by clicking on the color palette with the left mouse button, then choose the colour yellow for the background by clicking with the right mouse button. Or you click into the fore- and background colour fields and give in the values:
Foreground colour = Blue (Red = 0, Green = 0, Blue = 255)
Background colour = Yellow (Red = 255, Green = 255, Blue = 0)
Go to Image || Effects || Buttonize:
Height = 9
Width = 18
Opacity = 28
Transparent Edge = checked
Click on OK.
PSP5 & PSP6 Foreground/Background Color PaletteTool Palette - Text tool

Next click on the double arrow between the colour fields so that the colour yellow is now your foreground colour, then click on the Text icon and onto your button.

Type whatever text you want, in a font you like. I liked the text "LinkmeUP.co.uk".

Now go to Image || Other || Hot Wax Coating and presto one gold button!

Try using a different colour as a foreground colour for the text and for the Hot Wax Coating effect and see the different results, for example Green or Aqua.

Well, that's your lot, for now!