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Created by: Lewis B. Patten

This tutorial was originally written in 1998 for PSP 4. It has been adapted to PSP 7 by the Learning Center staff.
Open a new image any size, the larger the better, white background.
Select the Fill tool, set:
Blend mode = Normal
Match mode = None
Tolerance = n/a
Opacity = 100
Set your foreground and background styles to Solid Color (click on the little arrow in the Style boxes and choose the icon on the left) and your textures to None. Then click into your Foreground-Style box to make your foreground color a light grey, and click into the image to fill with the color. Now make foreground dark grey and background color white.
Check the "Lock" option beneath your Texture boxes so that these settings remain for the next tool.
Select Airbrush tool and set:
Shape = Round
Size = whatever
Hardness = 0
Opacity = 60
Step = 100
Density = 100
Place Airbrush tool over background, click the left mouse button once, and without moving the mouse, click the right mouse button.

The different color bubbles are achieved by selecting a different foreground color. Experiment and have fun.