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Paint Shop Pro v4 to v5 Conversion Chart
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Paint Shop Pro v4 to v5 Conversion Chart
Created by: Linda

Use this chart to convert Paint Shop Pro 4 tutorial settings to Paint Shop Pro 5. Some of the settings are so close that you'll need to play around with them until you get the effect you like.

* Note: These settings are so low as to be nearly invisible.

Range: Paint Shop Pro 4: 1-255 / Paint Shop Pro 5: 1-100


Range: Paint Shop Pro 4: 0-36 / Paint Shop Pro 5: 0-100

(Notice that Paint Shop Pro 4 stops at 36, but Paint Shop Pro 5 will blur well beyond this setting.)


Range: Paint Shop Pro 4: 0-40 / Paint Shop Pro 5: 0-? (unlimited?)

Notice the huge jump from 12 to 25 and from 25 to 40 in Paint Shop Pro 4. There is so little difference between these settings that they might as well have stopped at 25 or 30. Since PSP 5 measures feathering in pixels, I wonder what PSP 4's scale of 0-40 represents.


Overall Opacity (Selections || Modify)

In Paint Shop Pro 4, there is an option under Selections || Modify to change the overall opacity of a selection. This option is not available in version 5, at least not in the same menu. In Paint Shop Pro 5, you need to do this:

  1. Selections || Save to Alpha Channel
  2. Selections || Promote to Layer
  3. Open the Layers Palette, then move the opacity slider to the required setting
  4. Layers || Merge || Merge All
  5. Selections || Load from Alpha Channel