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Deformation Circle
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Deformation Circle
Created by: Kawliga

This is a little exercise which uses the Airbrush tool and the Retouch tool.
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We have made an image available for you to use, but you can actually do this tutorial with any image. Unzip the download attachment and place in your images directory for access.

Open "/tutorial/html/tutbasic/girlwithdog.jpg" from your download file or another image of your choice.
Click on the Selection tool:
Selection Type = Square
Feather = 0
Antialias = checked
Select the dog.

The reason we have Antialias checked is so that the end circle is also antialiased. If you do not check Antialias, the circle will come out jagged.

When you have selected the dog, go to Edit || Copy, then to Edit || Paste || As New Image.

You will then get the dog with a transparent edge around it.

Then go to Effects || Geometric Effects || Circle.

Go to Window || New to get a second screen of your image. Move it to where you can see it. This will help you see what you are doing at real size, while you have your work canvas magnified.

Now zoom in on your dog circle.
Select the Airbrush tool and set as follows:
Shape = Round
Size = 3
Hardness = 24
Opacity = 44
Step = 14
Density = 52
The reason we set the opacity, hardness and density to lower values is to simulate a blurred look. The airbrush effect will seem more natural as a result.
Set your foreground style to Solid Color (click on the arrow in the foreground style box and choose the icon on the left) and your foreground texture to None (click on the arrow in the foreground texture box and choose the icon on the right). Then click into your foreground style box and set your foreground color to white.
In the top right hand corner of the circle, dabble a little paint to make it seem like a bit of light is reflected off the circle.

This may take a bit of practice, so anything you don't like, press Ctrl+Z to undo and start again.

You may want to retouch it a little bit, so select your Retouch tool and set:
Shape = Round
Size = 3
Hardness = 19
Opacity = 38
Step = 14
Density = 52
Retouch mode = Smudge
Smudge the edges of the light spot a little more.

You now have a button ;o)