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Logo Embossing and Tiling
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Logo Embossing and Tiling

Logo Embossing and Tiling

Open the file containing the logo you want to tile. (The example is a logo I just made up.)


Remove all colors using Colors || Greyscale.


Emboss the logo using Image || Other || Emboss.


Brighten the logo using Colors || Adjust || Brightness/Contrast. For the Contrast use 0%. For the Brightness use whatever you need, I used 25%.

PSP 6: Try 60% for the Brightness.


This step is optional: Add noise using Image || Noise || Add. I used 20% noise in Uniform, but again, you can use whatever you need. Note that random noise won't look too good when you tile the logo.


Your logo is now ready for tiling. To make it a background for your homepage, add the following attribute to the BODY tag: BACKGROUND="/tutorial/html/tutbasic/filename.gif".