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Cut Out Picture Framing in PSP7


This tutorial created by Carolyn Ross

Cut-out Style Frame

There are some very unique frames which come with Paint Shop Pro 7 and this is the way to increase their numbers with some unique ideas of your own!

Set foreground color to null.
To make a square frame, create a new transparent image 1024 x 1024  and 72 pixels per inch.  (For a rectangular frame you would use a size of 1024 x 768.)  The large size will make your frames nice and sharp if you use them on a large or small graphic.

Set your foreground color style to null and background color style to black as shown.

Choose triangle and then rectangle preset shape.
Click on your preset shapes tool and choose the triangle. Check Antialias and Create as vector. Line width of 1.
Basic Tree and Base Selected and Grouped
Draw a large triangle.  Leave a white border (do not go edge to edge) and place it high enough on the page to allow the addition of a tree base. 

Switch to the rectangle shape and draw a rectangle centered beneath the tree shape, leaving a space between the tree and the base as shown.

Click on the Vector Object Selector Vector Object Selector Buton and drag a square over both objects, go from edge to edge so that there is one square selection covering both images.

Go to the menu and select Objects || Group. Again go to Objects || Align || Horizontal Center in Canvas.

Convert your vector layer to raster, by right-clicking on the vector layer in the layer's pallet and choosing "convert to raster".

Tree with shadow applied.
Go to Selections || Select All. 
Go to Selections || Float. 
Go to Selections || Defloat. 
The tree is now selected. 
Go to Effects || 3D Effects || Drop shadow :
Vertical - -23 
Horizontal - -23
Opacity - 50
Blur - 25 
Color - black

 Click OK.

Layer 1 filled with white
With selection still active, press delete, DO NOT DESELECT.   Activate layer1 by clicking on it in the layer's palette and click on Selections || Invert.  The area outside your original image is now chosen while you are on this bottom layer. Change your foreground color style to white and, with the fill tool,  fill layer1 with white.  Deselect your image
Layers merged and ready to save as a frame
Right click in the layer's palette and select merge visible layers.  To have a little softer edge on our frame use Effects || Blur || soften. That's all there is to making a cut-out frame.

At this point just save the image to your frame directory with the .pfr extension and it will be available to use the next time you need a frame.



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