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Creating Paper Textures
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Creating Paper Textures
Created by: Charith Carne

This tutorial will show you how to make paper textures which can be used with your various paint tools in Paint Shop Pro.
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For this tutorial you'll need an image for converting to a texture. You can select one of the three images from the download file.
Open an image from your download that you want to use as a texture.
The best images to use are ones that have seamless edges so there will be a continuous pattern when using it with your graphics. We can make this a seamless pattern in Paint Shop Pro.
Click on the Selection tool, set to
Selection Type = Rectangle
Feather = 0
Antialias = unchecked
Make a Rectangle in the image leaving a fair amount of edge to allow for the seamless pattern transition.

Click on Selections || Convert to Seamless Pattern. A new window with your seamless pattern is opened.


PSP 6 users please continue here.

The image needs to be converted to grey scale: Colors || Greyscale.
Save the image as a texture file: Click on File || Save As:
Save As Type = Windows or OS/2 Bitmap (*.bmp)
File Name = your_filename.tex
Save In = ...\Paint Shop Pro 5\Papers
Now we need to edit the file called PAPERNAM.IDX using a text editor:

Open your Windows Explorer. Find the Paint Shop Pro Directory and open the folder called "Papers". Left click on the file named PaperNam.idx. You will get a window to allow you to select a program to open this file in. Scroll down to select Notepad. Double-click on Notepad and the file will open and we can edit it.

At the bottom of this file, type in the name you want to see when you go to choose this texture from the drop down menu list in the Paper Texture box in PSP. I named mine "Sideway Bricks". Hit Enter and type the file name you saved it as. I saved my file as "brickside.TEX". Close the Notepad file.

Click on File || Save.

Note: While you are in Windows Explorer, check that your file was saved with the .TEX extension; sometimes when saving, the extension will have an added .bmp. If this is the case, right-click on the paper texture file you made, click on "Rename", delete the .bmp extension and make sure it just has the .TEX extension now. Hit Enter when done renaming.

Exit from the Windows Explorer and open up Paint Shop Pro.

PSP 6: Save the image as a texture file: Click on File || Save As:
Save As Type = Windows or OS/2 Bitmap (*.bmp)
File Name = your_filename (the extension .bmp is added automatically)
Save In = ...\Paint Shop Pro 6\Textures

Your texture is now ready to use as a paper texture with the paint tools, and as a texture for PSP's Texture effect (Image || Effects || Texture). If you'd also like to use it as a pattern for the new Sculpture effect (Image || Effects || Sculpture), save it into the folder "...\Paint Shop Pro 6\Patterns" as well.

Let's use our new paper texture! Click on File || New. Set your Width and Height to your preferences, make sure you select 16.7 million colors.
Choose a foreground color of your choice.
Click on one of the paint tools. The Paper Texture options can be used with the following tools:
  • Paint Brush
  • Clone Brush
  • Color Replacer
  • Retouch Tool
  • Eraser
  • Airbrush
  • Fill Bucket
I selected the Airbrush tool.
PSP 5: After selecting the Airbrush, in the Control Panel, click on the Tool Controls tab.

PSP 6: After selecting the Airbrush, in the Tool Options palette, click on tab 2.

Click on the drop down menu under Paper Texture. Scroll down until you see your new Paper Texture and select it. Click on the other tab and set your brush size and other options to your preference.

We are ready to paint the background of our image! Use the paper textures for painting text, Coloring Line Art for cartooning, etc. Scan in your own textures from fabrics, magazine pictures, and other interesting things. Once you have an image with a texture you like, just follow the steps of this tutorial to create your paper textures!
Have fun creating and experimenting with the Eraser tool using the paper texture options. Remember, some great effects can be found by exploring!

If you create some neat textures, you can always share them with other PSP users! Save your image and post it for others to save and convert to a paper texture file! :)