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Text on Graphics
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Text on Graphics
Created by: Advanced Web Designs

We always see the same type of font usage when words, logos or other type of writings are placed on images. In this tutorial, let's expand on our creativity here to get a totally fresh look when placing words on a graphic image.
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You'll need a nice graphic to follow this tutorial. If you haven't got one available, you can download one here.
Open the graphic from your download or another image of your choice.
Click on the Selection tool, set at:
Selection Type = Rectangle
Feather = 0
Antialias = unchecked
Make a selection covering the lower mid section of this graphic.
      Click on Edit || Copy. Click on Edit || Paste || As New Image.
Go to View || Image Information and note the image height. Then click on Image || Resize. First uncheck the option at the bottom of the dialog, "Maintain aspect ratio", then set the other options:
Pixel Size: Width = 600, Height = your image height
Resize type = Smart Size
Resize all Layers = doesn't matter
Maintain aspect ratio = unchecked
Click on Colors || Adjust || Brightness/Contrast:
Brightness = 30
Contrast = 0
Click on the Fill tool:
Blend mode = Normal
Match mode = None
Tolerance = n/a
Opacity = 100
Set your foreground style to Pattern (click on the little arrow in the Foreground Style box and choose the third icon from the left). Then click into your Foreground Style box:
Pattern = your new image
Scale = 100
Angle = 0
Click on the original image to make it the current active image. Then click on the Text tool. First right-click into the image to deselect, then click somewhere into your image:
Name = Impact (or another nice fat font)
Size = 28
Styles: Stroke = None, Fill = Solid Color (any color)
Textures: Stroke and Fill = None
Text effects = bold, any alignment
Create as = Floating
Antialias = checked
Type something in the image box such as I did ..."PSP Users Group". Click OK to apply. Click on the Fill tool, fill the text with the pattern.

Move the text somewhere not too near to the edge of the image. Don't yet deselect!

Click on Effects || 3D Effects || Drop Shadow, set the options as follows:
Vertical and Horizontal = 6
Opacity = 100
Blur = 13
Color = Black

Apply another drop shadow with the same settings except the Vertical and Horizontal, change them to -6.

Now click on your Selection tool and move the text where you want it to be, then right-click to deselect.

Find your own photo, or scan one in, create a sample logo using this technique. Use Motion Blur instead of adding a Drop Shadow to the text to get the effect used in the title graphic with the sunrise.