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Animated Happy Valentine
Created by: Graham

Send someone you love an animated Valentine card.
Download this tutorial fileDownload file
You will need the download file if you do not have anything you wish to use.
The first step is easy, just pick a picture of a heart. One is included with this tutorial, "/tutorial/html/tuteff/heart.gif" in the download file, but you can, if you wish, use a different one. Since this will be the first picture of our animation, save it as "heart1".
Next you need to pick a flower, again one is provided in the zip file, but if you wish to use one of your own then go ahead.
If you don't want to use the same coloured flower to cover the heart you can use a different flower or you can cheat by changing the colour of the first flower.

Change colour by clicking Colors || Adjust || Hue/Saturation/Lightness on the menu bar. Then move the sliders for Hue and Saturation to get different coloured flowers.

Press F12 to save the new coloured flowers with different names, e.g. "FlowerYellow", "FlowerBlue", "FlowerRed".

Use Ctrl-C (Edit || Copy) on one of the flowers and then use Ctrl-E (Edit || Paste || As New Selection) on the Heart picture, the flower will now be on the Heart picture. Move the flower to where you want it to be. Repeat this step for the other flowers, then press F12 on the keyboard and save as "heart2".
Repeat this step, this time save as "heart3".
Keep repeating, increasing the number of each picture saved, e.g. "heart4", "heart5", "heart6", "heart7" etc., until the heart is covered in flowers.
Select the white middle of the heart with the Magic Wand:
Match Mode = RGB Value
Tolerance = 0
Feathering = 0
Use the Fill tool to fill the middle of the heart:
PSP 5:
Fill Style = Solid Color
Match Mode = None
Tolerance = 0
Opacity = 100
Blend Mode = Normal

PSP 6:
Fill style = Solid Color
Blend mode = Normal
Paper texture = None
Match mode = None
Tolerance = n/a
Opacity = 100

Use a light pastel looking shade (I had a yellow: Red = 251, Green = 247, Blue = 206) for your foreground colour, click into the selection to fill and save as next heart picture.
Next you need a ribbon to wrap around the heart. You can use one of your own or the one provided with the download file.
On the Ribbon picture press Ctrl-C (Edit || Copy). Click on the Heart picture, then press Ctrl-E (Edit || Paste || As New Selection), now place the ribbon over the heart. Save as next heart picture.
Select the Text tool, then click on the heart picture with the ribbon over it.
Choose the type of font and settings that you want to use and write "Happy". Click OK, place "Happy" where you want it to go, and save as next heart picture.

Do the same as before, this time writing "Valentine". Save as next heart picture.

On the tool bar click New Image:
Width = 105 Pixels
Height = 40 Pixels
Resolution = Pixels/inch
Background color = White
Image type = 16.7 million colors
Select the Text tool, then click on the new blank image, choose the font you want, write your message (e.g. "I love you") and click OK.
On the menu bar click Image || Rotate:
Direction = Left
Degrees = free: 55

You may have to increase or decrease the number of degrees. Click OK.

Make sure the background colour on the colour palette is white.
Working on the tilted message, click on Colors || Set Palette Transparency. If an alert box appears asking if you want to change the image click "Yes". Click OK for the next box that appears.

Select "Set the transparency value to the current background color" in the box and click OK.

Press Ctrl-C (Edit || Copy), then switch to the Heart picture with the words "Happy Valentine" and press Ctrl-E (Edit || Paste || As New Selection), and place your message where you want it to be. Save this picture as the last heart picture.

On the menu bar, click File || Run Animation Shop. When Animation Shop opens click on File || Animation Wizard.

When the first box appears just click "Next", do the same for the next three boxes.

On the next box click "Add Image", find where you have stored your images, and click on the last image for the animation. Then, while holding down the Shift key, click on the first image for the animation. This will add them in order without the need to shuffle images into the correct order.

Click "Next", then "Finish".

Click View || Animation.

By clicking the right mouse button on each of the frames you can change the time each frame is visible by altering the properties value.

Well that's it! I hope the one you send it to loves you for all the effort that you have put into it.