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Rounded Button
Created by: Pinoy7

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To give our button a texture in the end, you can either use a texture of your own or download the one in this download file.
Make a new image of 100x100 pixels, black background, 16 millions color.
Set your foreground color to White and your background color to Black.
Go to File || Preferences || General Program Preferences. On the "Rulers and Units" tab, set Grid settings to:
Units = Pixels
Horizontal Spacing = 10
Vertical Spacing = 10
Line Color = a light grey

Go to View || Grid to display your grid.

PSP 5: Click on your Shape tool:
Shape = Circle
Style = Outlined
Outline Width = 10
Antialias = checked

PSP 6: Click on your Preset Shapes tool:
Shape type = Circle
Style = Stroked
Line width = 10
Antialias = checked
Create as vector = unchecked

Beginning in the center of your image, draw a white circle inside your new image occupying 8 blocks.
Go to Image || Blur || Blur More, then to Image || Others || Hot Wax Coating.

We should have a ring now.

Click on your Selection tool:
Selection type = 0
Feather = 0
Antialias = checked
Again beginning in the center of your image, draw a smaller circle selection inside the ring.
Click on your Flood Fill tool:
PSP 5:
Fill Style = Sunburst Gradient
Match Mode = None
Tolerance = 100
Opacity = 100
Sample merged = unchecked
Click on Options:
Blend mode = Normal
Vertical = 30
Horizontal = 30

PSP 6:
Fill style = Sunburst Gradient
Blend mode = Normal
Paper texture = None
Match mode = None
Tolerance = n/a
Opacity = 100
Sample merged = unchecked
Click on tab 2:
Gradient = Foregrd-Backgrd
Repeats = 0
Horizontal = 30
Vertical = 30

Click inside your selection to fill with the gradient.

Do not deselect.

You can now go to View || Grid to blend the grid out.

Go to Layers || New or click on the New Layer icon in the layer palette to create a new layer.
Open a textured image (I am going to use "/tutorial/html/tuteff/texture.gif" from the download for this example).
For your Flood Fill tool, change only the following settings:
Fill style = Pattern
Under Options / On tab 2:
New pattern source = texture.gif (or your texture image)
Click inside the selection in your button image to fill it with the texture.

Now deselect by going to Selections || Select None.

Go to Layers || Properties and change the Blend Mode to "Burn".
Go to Layers || Merge || Merge All (Flatten).

For a color change, go to Colors || Colorize:
Hue = 30
Saturation = 80

Here's an example of this button with a cutout text on it. If you want to know how to do that, go to this tutorial.