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Brass Frame from Preset Shapes
Created by: Doro Sensen

For this frame, we'll use the Preset-Shapes tool and the Sculpture, Texture and Inner Bevel effects of PSP 6.
Open a new image:
– Width = 400
– Height = 400
– Background = transparent
– Image type = 16.7 Million Colors
Make black your foreground colour; background colour doesn't matter.
Click on the Preset-Shapes tool in your tool palette:
– Shape type = Square
– Style = Stroked
– Line width = 5
– Antialias = checked
– Create as vector = unchecked

Draw a square of (roughly) 200x200 in the center of your image.

Go to Edit || Copy (Ctrl+C), then to Edit || Paste || As a New Layer (Ctrl+L). A second square is pasted into the exact center of your picture.
Most probably your two squares are not exactly one above the other. Click on the bottom layer in your layer palette and then on the little trash can to delete this layer, then press Ctrl+L (Edit || Paste || As a New Layer) a second time to get two squares again.
Click on the top layer in your layer palette and go to Image || Rotate:
– Direction = left
– Degrees = Free: 15
– All Layers = unchecked

Paste another square as a new layer into your image and rotate this layer as well, this time by 30 degrees.

Click on the Selection tool in your tool palette:
– Selection type = Square
– Feather = 0
– Antialias = unchecked
Draw a square selection around the three squares as big as you want your final frame to be, then go to Image || Crop to Selection (Shift+R).

Now go to Layers || Merge || Merge Visible. You've now only one layer with the squares ornament.

Go to Image || Effects || Sculpture. In the Sculpture dialog box, choose "Gold" from the Presets drop-down box at the top and leave all settings as are. Repeat this twice to get a nice 3D effect.

Click on the Magic-Wand tool in your tool palette:
– Match Mode = RGB Value
– Tolerance = 0
– Feather = 0
– Sample merged = unchecked
Now click somewhere into the transparent space around your ornament to select it with the Magic Wand. Click on the "New Layer" icon in your layer palette to create a new layer and drag it to the bottom with your mouse, beneath the ornament layer. Then go to Selections || Modify || Expand and increase your selection by 2.
Click on the Flood-Fill tool in your tool palette:
– Fill style = Solid Color
– Blend mode = Normal
– Paper texture = None
– Match mode = none
– Opacity = 100
– Sample merged = unchecked
  Click into your selection to fill it with black. Then go to Image || Effects || Sculpture again and use the last used settings once again to change the colour of the selection. Deselect with Ctrl+D (Selections || Select None).

Now go to Image || Effects || Texture:
– Texture = No. 36 (see left)
– Size = 100%
– Smoothness= 20
– Depth = 10
– Ambience = -10
– Shininess = 10
– Color = white
– Angle = 315
– Intensity = 50
– Elevation = 30

With this rather flat texture, you can apply the effect twice for a more intensive effect; with rougher textures once would certainly be enough.

Double-click on the Selection tool in your tool palette to open the "Select Area" dialog box:
– Left = 10
– Right = your image width minus 10
– Top = 10
– Bottom = your image height minus 10
(The size of your picture is given at the top of the dialog box.)

Go to Selection || Invert so that only the outer edge of your image (10 pixels wide) is selected.

Go to Image || Effects || Inner Bevel:
– Bevel = see left
– Width = 4
– Smoothness = 0
– Depth = 5
– Ambience = 0
– Shininess = 0
– Color = white
– Angle = 315
– Intensity = 50
– Elevation = 30

Deselect by right-clicking into your image or with Ctrl+D (Selections || Select None).

If you want to put a name (or a dingbat font) on the frame, click on the Text tool in your tool palette and then onto the frame. Take a font and size to your liking, colour doesn't matter; important are these settings:
– Create as = Selection
– Antialias = checked

You'll get your text as a selection, surrounded by the "marching ants".

If your text or font selection is not at the right place, click on the Mover tool in your tool palette, right-click on the selection and drag it into place with your right mouse button.
Now go to Image || Effects || Inner Bevel again and apply this effect to your text. For this one, take the Round bevel (see left) and leave the other settings as are. Deselect with Ctrl+D (Selections || Select None).
For putting a picture into the frame, copy the picture, paste it as a new layer and drag it to the bottom in your layer palette.

With this technique, you've got endless possibilities to create decorative frames. You can take other or combine different preset shapes, and try out different sculpture and texture effects as well as bevels.

Happy framing! :-))