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Licence Plate Text
Created by: Kawliga

My thanks to Jim for inspiring me to create this tutorial. I saw an image he had done, which had the effect of a license plate. He had done his using Eye Candy and PhotoShop. I wanted to see if I could do it using only Paint Shop Pro. Thanks for helping me out, Jim ;o)
Start by opening a new image, 250 x 150 pixels, background = white, 16 million colors.
Set your colors as follows:
Foreground color: Red = 64, Green = 64, Blue = 64;
Background color: Red = 255, Green = 255, Blue = 255
Select the Text tool and click in the middle of your image. Set the Text settings as follows:
Font = Arial Rounded MT Bold
Size = 48
Color = white
Alignment = centered
Floating = checked
Antialias = checked
Type a text in the Text Entry field and click on OK. You will not see anything except the "marching ants".

Now save this selection to alpha channel: Go to Selections || Save to Alpha Channel, give it a name and click on OK.

We do this so we can use the same selection over and over again.
The alpha channel will always place the selection in the same spot.

  Now defloat your selection: Go to Selections || Defloat.

This places the content of the selection onto the layer below, so that we can do the outer bevel. PSP 6 will not allow you to do the outer bevel if the selection is floating.


For our bevel, go to Image || Effects || Outer Bevel and set as follows:
Bevel = first column, third row
Width = 5
Smoothness = 8
Depth = 9
Ambience = 100
Shininess = 0
Light color = Grey (Red = 32, Green = 32, Blue = 32)
Light angle = 325
Intensity = 52
Elevation = 35

Click on OK and deselect the text by right-clicking into the image (Selections || Select None).

Now select the Magic Wand tool and set as follows:
Match Mode = RGB Value
Tolerance = 1
Feather = 0
Click into the area around the text. This selects the white area outside the text. To select the white area inside the text, go to Selections || Modify || Select Similar.

Then feather the selection: Go to Selections || Modify || Feather and type in "3" for the Number of Pixels.

Press the Delete key 4 times to clear away the rough edges, then deselect by right-clicking into the image (Selections || Select None).

You now have the makings of a number plate.

Any other design elements can be added in much the same way. Some settings may have to be changed.

Use your imagination!