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For both PSP V5 & V6
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Creating and Using Masks III: Rain
Created by: Kawliga

Open a new image:
200x200 pixels
Background Color = white
16M colours
Set your foreground color to black (Red/Green/Blue = 0) and your background color to white (Red/Green/Blue = 255).
Click on the Paintbrush tool and set:
PSP 5:
Shape = Square
Size = 200
Opacity = 100
Hardness = 100
Density = 8
Step = 1

PSP 6:
Shape = Square
Size = 200
Hardness = 100
Opacity = 100
Step = 1
Density = 8

Move the cursor to 100,100 and click with the left mouse button. You may need to repeat this to darken the dots.
Now, we'll apply a motion blur to turn the image into rain: Go to Image || Blur || Motion Blur:
Direction = 30
Intensity = 40
Now we make the mask: Go to Masks || New || From Image, make sure the settings are:
Source window = This Window
Source luminance = checked
Invert mask data = checked

Now, save the mask: Go to Masks || Save to Disk, name it "rain.msk".

Open any image to which you'd like to apply the rain.
Add a new layer, call it "rain". Set the blend mode to "Lighten".

Now, load the mask: Go to Masks || Load from Disk, select "rain.msk".

Using the Flood Fill tool set to Solid Color, right-click to paint this layer with white.
And here's how your picture will look it's a rainy day!