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Simple Snow Globe
Created by: CheriJ

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1. Making the Globe
2. Animating the Globe
There are a couple of things you will need to download. The snow globe components are zipped in the download file. Also, go to http://www.northnet.com.au/~robrow/tubes/downloads.htm to download the sparkle tubes. You will need to unzip and install the tubes from both downloads.
Please note: Robin Rowen's site The Hood is shut down until further notice. However, she has graciously left her download pages in place. Please give credit where it is due.

1. Making the Globe

Open "scene.psp" from your download and select the "globe" layer in your layer palette.
Select your Picture Tube tool. Select the "Oval globe" tube and set the scale to about 75.
Place the globe over the part of the image you want displayed in the snow globe. Make sure that no part of the globe goes off of the image. This may take a few tries, if you don't like the placement the first time, go to Edit || Undo (Ctrl+Z) and try again.
Select your Magic Wand tool:
Match mode = RGB Value
Feather = 0
Tolerance = 0
Click outside of the globe. Go to Selections || Modify || Expand, set the value to 1 and click on OK.

Make the "background" layer active and go to Edit || Clear or hit the Delete key.

Now deselect by right-clicking into the image (Selections || Select None).

  Go to Image || Canvas Size and set as follows:
New Width = 350
New Height = 400
Center Horizontally = checked
Center Vertically = unchecked
Top = 0

Leave the other settings alone and click on OK.

Make the "base" layer active and click on the Picture Tube tool. Choose the "Gold Base" tube and set the scale to about 75; place the gold base on the image.
    Click on the Mover tool, then click on the gold base and drag to position it in the proper place at the bottom of the globe.

Go to Window || Duplicate, do this twice so you have a total of 3 copies of your snowglobe image.

Make the snow layer active on all three images.

Click on the Picture Tube tool, select one of the "Sparkle" tubes and set the scale to about 45.
Randomly place 15 or 16 sparkles in each image.

Go to Layers || Merge || Merge All for all 3 images and save them as psp files.

Now let's animate the globe!

2. Animating the Globe

Go to File || Run Animation Shop. In Animation Shop, go to File || Animation Wizard.

In the first dialog box, choose "Same size as the first image frame" and click on Next.

In the next dialog box, choose "Transparent" and click on Next.
The settings in the third dialog box don't matter since the three images have all the same size, so just click on Next.

In the following dialog box, choose "Yes, repeat the animation indefinitely", and set the value to 20. Click on Next.

Click on "Add Image" and select your snow globe images (holding down the Shift key allows you to select them all at once). Click on Next.

On the next window that pops up click on Finish.

Go to View || Animation to see your snow globe in action.

We started big so that we could see what we were doing. Now we need to resize the animation so that the file doesn't take forever to load. Go to Edit || Resize Animation, set the value to 50 percent and click on OK. Then save your animation.