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Spilled Paint Effect


This tutorial created by Pedro
His site is mostly Spanish


1. Open the picture you want to use as the source and resize it as you like (depending on the region you will use)
2. Open a new image  and set the same background color you will use in your webpage and about the size you will use of the original picture.

3. Set the clone brush  in this settings:

Shape = Round
Size = 25
Hardness = 100
Opacity = 100
Step = 1
Density = 100

4. Set the source about the center of the original picture (shift+right click) and draw following a zig-zag pattern.
5. Use the magic wand  and set the tolerance to zero, click in the background colour and then invert the selection (you will end with the picture selected)

6. Select Image || Effects || Drop Shadow and use these settings:

Color = Black
Blur = 4 to 6
Offset = 2 to 5

7. The result should look like this:

You may try copying the selection to a new layer and expanding, darkening, and blurring it for the shadow, but I think it's way better this way (and easier too).



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