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Text with Odd Bevel
Created by: Raymond

Now you will learn how to make odd text that looks slightly bevelled.
Open a new image, about 300x300 pixels, black background, 16 million colors.
Set your background color to black and your foreground color to a light blue type color (I had Red = 192, Green = 192, Blue = 255).
Click on the New Layer icon in your layer palette to create a new layer for your text.
Click on the Text tool in your tool palette and then into the image. Type out a word or something. I had: Arial Rounded, 28 pt, Bold, Floating Selection, Antialias checked.
Center the text in your image and right-click to deselect.

Go to Image || Blur || Gaussian Blur and blur by 2.

Right-click on that layer in your layer palette and choose "Duplicate" from the pop-up menu.

Change the blend mode of the new layer to "Dogde".

Go again to Image || Blur || Gaussian Blur and blur by 2.

Again, duplicate the current layer. This time change the blend mode to "Difference".

Go again to Image || Blur || Gaussian Blur and blur by 2.

Go to Colors || Brightness/Contrast:

PSP 5:
Brightness = -42
Contrast = 100

PSP 6:
Brightness = -90
Contrast = 100

Some hints: You can play with Colors || Colorize to change your image even further. This one was made with:
Hue = 55
Saturation = 255
Also try this tutorial with different colors, because every color will change the way this tutorial ends up.