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Text on Graphics 2


This tutorial created by Pedro
His Site is mostly spanish

Some effects with text and pictures: This is a really easy way to cut text from pictures and make it available to use it wherever you want.

1. Open the picture you want to use as background.

2. Place the text you want in the picture, but check the "selection" option from the text dialog box. If you get it in the wrong place, just undo it and try again until you get it where you want it. A fat font type is recommended and play with negative kernings to adjust the distance between the letters, to bring them closer together.

3. when you get step 2 right, you will have a transparent "text like" selection over the image.
4. Select copy or cut from the edit menu or its hotkeys and that's all. From here you may go infinite ways: You may paste it as a new image and save it (haves the advantage of a transparent background nice for a later use).
5. You may paste it as a new selection on the same picture. (with a little black drop shadow to enhance)
Or instead of copy or cut, you may want to add a little drop shadow to the selection to make the text visible on the image. Example in picture to the right.

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