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Fancy Frames
Created by: Charith Carne

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Download the zip on the left. It contains the rose picture in .psp format and the Fluerons font.

Now unzip the the files that you downloaded to your desktop. You will have 2 files there. The flower graphic which you can leave on your desktop or put it where you keep your graphics. The Fluerons font cut and paste it into your windows\font folder.
We are going to start by opening a new image 200 x200, 16 million colors and a white background.
Click on the background color square so that we can make a custom color. The settings are:

Red: "83"
Green: "41"
Blue: "3"

Now we are going to add a nice border for our image. So click on image - add border.
When the border window opens the first thing you want to do is check the "Symmetric" box. By doing this we will have a nice even border all the way around the image. In the first box type in 15. All the box numbers will automatically change when you do this. Click ok when you are done.
Ok now select your magic wand and set the tolerence to 100. Click on your brown border to select it.
Click the foreground color square so that we can make another custome color.

Red: "57"
Green: "29"
Blue: "6"

Go ahead and click the airbrush tool.
Use these settings for the airbrush:

Size "50"
Shape Round
Opacity "100"

We are also going to add a little bit of texture. So click the foreground texture square. When the window opens browse to the "Woodgrain" texture and choose it. Then click ok. Now spray around your border that you selected before. Go over it 2 X.
Ok we need to make 1 more custom color. So click on foreground color square again. Use these settings:

Red: "255"
Green: "222"
Blue: "189"

It's time to give our frame a hot wax coating. Go to effects - Artistic effects - Hot Wax coating. Do this only 1 time. Now go ahead and deselct your frame by hitting the ctrl-D.
Click on the text tool and click in your image.
When the text window opens scroll for the fluerons font. It should be size 22 and bold. Also check the anti-alias and floating. Now go ahead and type a lower case "s" in the enter text here box. Click ok.
Move the decoration to the lower right corner and make sure it is lined up. DO NOT deselect your text! Now we are going to go to edit copy edit paste as a new selection. Now go to image mirror and move this one to the lower left corner making sure to line it up nicely. Go to edit paste as a new selection again. Except we want to flip it this time. So go to image - flip. Line it up on the upper right corner. One last time go to edit paste as a new image again. Go to image - flip, image - mirror. Move it to the upper left corner making sure it is lined up nicely. Go ahead and deselect your text by going to ctrl-D.
Click on your magic wand again. Click in the center of your image.
Ok we want to invert our selection so go to selections - invert.
Time to add the bevel. Go to effects - plugins - eye candy - inner bevel.
We are going to use these settings:

Bevel Width (pixels): "20"
Bevel Shape: Rounded
Smoothness: "5"
Shadow Depth: "29"
Highlight Brightness: "97"
Highlight Sharpness: "23"
Lighting Direction: "124"
Inclination: "41"
Click ok to apply the bevel.

Time to add our graphic. Go ahead and open it up in your psp. First click in the center of your frame with the magic wand. Make the rose graphic active. Go to edit - copy, go back and make your frame active and go to edit - paste into selection. (Make sure you use the paste into selection. Otherwise it won't fit into your frame the way it should.)
Let's give it the effect that the image is inside the frame by giving it a cutout. Go to effects - 3D effects - cutout.
We are going to use these settings:

Offset: V and H "3"
Attributes: Opacity: "95" Blur: "5"

Click ok to apply the cutout.

Here is the final image. You can now experiment with the center graphic. Use tubes or whatever you want. You can even change your frame color. Just have fun with it. I really enjoyed this tutorial. I hope you did too :) The picture has been reduced in colors for faster downloading. Yours will not look this way.