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Created by: Kawliga

Download this tutorial fileHarry's Filters
Download this tutorial fileCloud Image

You will need to download Harry's Filters for this tutorial. Please click the link on the left.You will also need a cloud image for this tutorial. If you don't have one you may download the one I used for my image. Click on the link to the left.

Go ahead and open the image up in PSP and go to window - duplicate. Close the original image. Doing this will keep the original image intact in case you make a mistake and need to start over.
Ok we need to colorize our cloud image so go to colors - colorize. Use these settings:

Hue: "138"
Saturation: "78"

This will give your clouds a nice teal color.

Ok now we need to open up a new image. I made mine 200 x 200, 16 million colors and a transparent background.
Click on the flood fill bucket and then click on the flood fill style and choose pattern. Under the new patterns source tab scroll for the cloud pattern we just colorized. Click on it to select it. Fill our new image we just made. You will notice a seam on your image. We are going to fix that in a bit.
Now set your background to a light blue.

Red: "144"
Green: "255"
Blue: "255"

We are going to blur our clouds, so go to image - plugins - Video rave - noisy blur.
When the window opens up use these settings:

Seed 1: "100"
Seed 2: "255"
Strength: "62"

Click ok when you are done. By applying this noise blur, we give our clouds a painted look. At the same time we have gotten rid of the seam in the cloud.

Now that we have a sky, lets paint in some trees. Make a new layer, call it trees. Using the summer trees from Jasc's Autumn tubes, paint some trees in the foreground. Now change the background color to a nice dark green:

Red: "1"
Green: "144"
Blue: "0"

Go back to the noisy blur filter and apply the noise blur using default settings:

Random Seed 1: "247"
Random Seed 2: "52"
Strength: "138"

Make a new layer and name it Grass. Using Jasc tubes' choose the lawn, click to place the grass under and in front of the trees. Move the grass layer between the cloud and the tree layers. Apply a motion blur to the grass. I chose to do a motion blur, rather than a noise blur, simply because it was a softer blurring than the noise blur would have given.
We now have a basic painted landscape. It is up to you to decorate how you like. Remember to apply the noise blur, or some other kind of distortion filter to each object, to give it that painted look.
Use a lot of layers when making a painting like this... then merge some of the layers and apply a noise blur to the overall image. Then sharpen the image to finish the image off nicely. This is my finished painting. I used some duck and flower tubes. I then applied a blur effect with Harry's filter. Next I added a little pond with stones around it. I also blurred this. I then flipped the top of the painting so that I could have the flying ducks mirrored in the pond and gave that a nice blur. I also saved a copy of the plain landscape in psp format so that I could use it over and over again. Just have fun with your painting. Do whatever you want.