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Polished Brass Buttons
Created by: Zu
Please visit ZuAtHome

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Ok in order to start this tutorial you will need to download Greg's Factory Output 2 filters. Just click to the left to get them.

Ok let's start by opening a new image. 200 x 200, with a white background and 16 million colors.
Click on your foreground color tab and change it to a light grey.

Red: ""220
Green: "220"
Blue: "220"

Click on your selection tool and use these settings:

Selection Type: Rectangle
Feather: "0"
Antialias: Checked

Click on your canvas and start at 50, 50 and drag it out and down to 170, 100. You should have a nice rectangle shape for your button.
Now we are going to click on our flood fill bucket to fill our selection. Use these settings:

Blend Mode: Normal
Match Mode: RGB
Tolerence: "30"
Opacity: "100"

Left click 1 time into your selection to fill it up.

Time to give our selection a buttonized look. Go to image - effects - buttonize.
When the buttonize window opens type in these settings:

Height: "10"
Width: "10"
Opacity: "60"
Transparent: Checked

Go ahead and click ok when you are done.

We want to expand our selection, so go to selections - modify - expand. Expand your selection by 7. Your image should look like the one here at the left.
Click on the flood fill tool again and use the same settings as before.
Fill the area that we expanded. Your button should look like the one on the left.
We need to expand our selection 1 more time. Go to selections - modify - expand. Expand it by 2. Click ok. Your button now looks like this. (Left side). See how there is a little space with no color.
Time to give our button a hot wax coating. Go to effects - artistic - hot wax. Do this 1 time.
See how your button looks now?? It's kind of dark, but we are going to fix that in a bit. First we need to add some text to our button. Deselect it now.
Click on the text tool and position it in the middle of your button. When the text box opens use these settings:

Font Name: Ariel
Size: "10"
Antialias: Checked
Floating: UnChecked

Click the ok button.

Now we are going to give the text we just layed down a cutout. Use these settings:

Offset: V & H "2"
Opacity: "100"
Blur: "2"
Color: Black
Fill interior: UnChecked

Click the ok button. Deselect the text.

Ok click on your magic wand. Set these options:

Match Mode: RGB
Tolerance: "1"
Feather: "0"

Click the white background and then go to selections - invert. This will put the "marching ants" around your button.

Now we are going to apply Greg's Facotory Output Filter. Go to image - plugins - gregs - colorize.
Use these settings:

Red: "185"
Green: "160"
Blue: "100"
Amount: "255"

Click ok when you are done.

If you did not download Greg's filter you can also achieve a similar look by going to colors - colorize. Use these settings"

Hue: "36"
Saturation: "200"

Click ok when you are done.

Our button has a nice gold color, but it's a little dull... we want a bright, shiny button like polished brass. To achieve this, let's adjust the contrast a bit.
Let's give our button some contrast now. Use these settings:

Brightness: "0"
Contrast: "30"

Click ok when you are done.

Now our button is bright, but metallic edges are sharp, not soft. Lets give some definition to the edges of our button with yet another PSP filter. Go to image - Edge - enhance.
Since our button is already selected we can crop it easily by going to Image - Crop to Selection.
And we are done. You now have a shiny brass button for your web pages or whatever you are going to use them for!!