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Blade Pro Basics 101
Created by: Flyers Graphics

The basic functions in Blade Pro as depicted in (Fig 1) above..

1. Access the Preset bevel shapes here. (See Fig 2)

2. Click here to select different textures. (See Fig 3)
3. Here you can move the texture to get different effects. You can also click and load a different bitmap from the environments folder.

4. Click here to load bitmaps from the environments folder.

5. Clicking the bent arrow will rotate the texture in (4) above 90 degrees.

6. This will apply different modes, darken, lighten, normal etc. to the texture. (See Fig 4)

7.Click this button and Blade Pro will generate it's own random settings.
8. Click this button to load different presets.
9. Click this button to save a preset that you have made.
Slider adjustments can be made to alter the appearance of the preset. NOTE: The slider adjustments have a setting on the right, you can note that setting and return to it if the adjustment you made did not work out.

The "Lights" at the bottom of the panel (See Fig 5) are used to alter the light direction and effect across the preset. Two color selectors lets you load different colors to use with the lights and effects the preset will render.