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EyeCandy 3.1: Introduction
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EyeCandy 3.1: Introduction
Created by: Fignations of Imaginment


Even though EyeCandy v4 is out, Alien Skin is giving away their EyeCandy v3. Many companies give away older versions of their software in order to garner more interest in their current version. Based on my own experience and the number of programs I've purchased because of these free copies, I would say that this policy works.

EyeCandy 3.1 is a collection of 21 filters which use a fairly simple interface for all filters except for the Antimatter one, which is automatically applied when you choose that filter. The interface for the rest of the filters is basically the same for each one with minor differences depending on the filter.


Filter Controls

Covers the top left and/or top right areas. This is where the controls for each filter are located. This area can contain sliders, fields, pull-down menus, lighting spheres, and any other option needed for the current filter.



This is a pulldown menu where you can select a variety of pre-saved filter settings, save a setting (with the little pencil), or erase a setting (with the upside-down pencil).



This is the preview area where you see the image that you are working on and the effect that the filter is having on that image. The little gray "box" on the image shows you the area available in the larger preview window. Above the small preview window is the zoom out magnifier, the percentage field, and the zoom in magnifier. You can type an amount in the field or click on the magnifying glasses.



This is the Auto Preview button. Clicking on the blue sphere deactivates the large preview window from updating when you make changes.


Apply / Cancel / Help

This is the Apply/Cancel/Help area. Clicking on the check mark applies the filter to your image, the stop symbol cancels the filter and closes the panel. The question mark brings up a web page that asks you to visit the Alien Skin website and purchase version 4. No help is available for these filters.