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EyeCandy 3.1 Jiggle Filter
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EyeCandy 3.1
Jiggle Filter
Created by: Fignations of Imaginment

This filter distorts the image giving an organic type warping to the image.

You can select the entire image or use the Selection or Lasso (Freehand) tools to select any shape you wish.

Adjust the options using the sliders or by typing a number into the fields.


Bubble Size

This adjusts the size of the warp bubble. Bubble size is from 5 to 999.

Warp Amount

This adjusts the amount that the bubbles are warped. Warp amount is from 1 to 999.


This adjusts the amount of twist applied to the warp. Twist is from 0 to 90.

Movement Type   

Includes Bubbles, Brownian Motion, and Turbulence.
This filter is a lot of fun. Play around with the different settings to get some really interesting and/or weird effects. Following are some examples:
Image top left: Bubble Size = 15
Warp Amount = 25
Twist = 25
Image top right: Bubble Size = 15
Warp Amount = 25
Twist = 50
Image bottom left: Bubble Size = 15
Warp Amount = 75
Twist = 50
Image bottom right:   Neat one, eh?

Saved effects

The pull-down menu that shows "Last Used" by default has a number of predefined effects you can choose. You can add your own settings by clicking on the pencil icon or delete settings by clicking on the eraser icon.
Some examples:

Image top left = Completely Warped preset

Image top right = Tiny Bubbles preset

Bottom image = Noticeable Warp preset


Other Shapes

These filters also work on other shapes such as circles and lassoed shapes.

Create text as a selection and apply the filter to the text. To get a more 3D effect to the text, use a larger size font. Just make sure that you create a new image that's large enough to hold the large text selection.

For the example on the left the filters Jiggle, Carve, and Inner Bevel were combined.