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EyeCandy 3.1 Swirl Filter
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EyeCandy 3.1
Swirl Filter
Created by: Fignations of Imaginment


This filter creates a swirl pattern on an image.

The combination of each option creates the entire effect of this filter.


Whirlpool Spacing

This determines the average spacing between the swirl centers. Settings are from 5 to 999 and based on pixels.

1st image:   Swirl = 50
2nd image:   Swirl = 100
3rd image:   Swirl =999

Be careful when adjusting the Whirlpool Spacing using the slider. Once you hit 100, the adjustments are smaller and occur in the small area between 100 and the end (999).

Smear Length

This adjusts how much blur is applied to the image. Settings are from 3 to 100. Smear is also affected by the Warp setting which controls the stretching of the whirl.

1st image:   Smear = 13
2nd image:   Smear = 45

Be careful when adjusting the Smear Length using the slider. Once you hit 25, the adjustments are smaller and occur in the small area between 25 and the end (100)although the adjustments get even smaller the closer you get to the end.


This increases the twist of the swirl with numbers closer to zero giving a starburst effect instead of a swirl. Settings are from 0 to 100.

1st image:   Twist = 0
2nd image:   Twist = 50
3rd image:   Twist = 100

Streak Detail

This adjusts how detailed the streaks are with larger numbers showing more detail. Settings are from 1 to 100.

1st image:   Streak = 0
2nd image:   Streak = 50
3rd image:   Streak = 100


Selecting this stretches the whirl more along the streamlines.

1st image:   Warp = On
2nd image:   Warp = Off


Selecting this removes some of the graininess in the swirls.

1st image:   Smooth = Off
2nd image:   Smooth = On

Saved Effects

The pull-down menu that shows "Last Used" by default has a number of predefined effects you can choose. You can add your own settings by clicking on the pencil icon or delete settings by clicking on the eraser icon.


This filter is best used when combining the different settings and works well when combined with the fur filter.

(Note all images were resized to fit this tutorial, the swirls are larger than shown except for those shown in the Warp and Smooth sections.)