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EyeCandy 3.1: Chrome Filter
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EyeCandy 3.1:
Chrome Filter
Created by: Fignations of Imaginment


This filter creates a liquid metallic object depending on the selection and options chosen.

One caveat though, the filter is not applied to the image itself, but over it instead.

To use this filter, create a new, blank image, with a non-transparent background. Adjust the options using the sliders or by typing a number into the fields.

Softness = 15Softness = 55Softness = 75Softness = 100


This increases or decreases the "softness" of the metallic edge. The higher the number, the softer the edge.

Image top left: Softness = 15
Image top right: Softness = 55
Image bottom left: Softness = 75
Image bottom right: Softness = 100



This determines what kind of edge is created. The higher the number the more "variation" is created in the banding.

Left image: Variation = 0
Right image: Variation = 25



This determines the amount of difference between the base color and the highlight color. The higher the contrast, the more obvious the banding is.


This determines the number of bands created on the edge. Adjusting the smoothness and contrast determines how obvious the bands are.

Image top left:  Variation = 75
Contrast = 22
Bands = 5
Image top right:  Variation = 100
Contrast = 22
Bands = 5
Image bottom left:  Variation = 75
Contrast = 40
Bands = 5
Image bottom right:  Variation = 100
Contrast = 40
Bands = 5

Light Direction

This adjusts the direction the light comes from. Just drag the blue sphere around the ring to adjust the light direction or enter an amount into the field.

Base Color

Determines the color of the bands/shadows.

Highlight Color

Determines the main chrome color.


Saved effects

The pull-down menu that shows "Last Used" by default has a number of predefined effects you can choose.

You can add your own settings by clicking on the pencil icon or delete settings by clicking on the eraser icon.


Other Shapes

Again, don't limit yourself to rectangles. Select different shapes using the Lasso tool or a mask to apply the filter to that shape. Make stars, moons, spheres, buttons, and more.

Create text as a selection and apply the filter to the text. To get a more 3D effect to the text, use a larger size font. Just make sure that you create a new image that's large enough to hold the large text selection.