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EyeCandy 3.1: Cutout Filter
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EyeCandy 3.1:
Cutout Filter
Created by: Fignations of Imaginment


This filter creates a cutout effect of a selected area with a colored border.

Cutout works best by selecting an area of the image before selecting the filter.

The combination of each option creates the entire effect of this filter.



This changes the direction that the "light" comes from. Drag the blue sphere around the ring to adjust the light direction or enter an amount in the field.


This adjusts the size of the shadow in pixels.


This adjusts how much blur is applied to the shadow banding and the rest of the selected area.


This adjusts how opaque the selected area is allowing more or less of the original image to show through.

Shadow Color 

This selects the color of the shadow, black is the default.

Solid Fill

Selecting this fills the entire selection with the color chosen.

Fill Color

If Solid Fill is activated, the entire selection is filled with this color.
Image top left: Distance = 10
Blur = 5
Opacity = 69
Image top right:  Distance = 25
Blur = 30
Opacity = 47
Bottom image: Distance = 42
Blur = 0
Opacity = 75

Saved effects

The pull-down menu that shows "Last Used" by default has a number of predefined effects you can choose.

You can add your own settings by clicking on the pencil icon or delete settings by clicking on the eraser icon.


Other Shapes

Select different shapes using the lasso tool or a mask to apply the filter to that shape. Make stars, moons, spheres, buttons, and more.

Create text as a selection and apply the filter to the text. To get a more 3D effect to the text, use a larger size font. Just make sure that you create a new image that's large enough to hold the large text selection. Copy the selection and paste into a new image to get a nice text effect.

This is an excellent way of creating a text logo using a favorite image. For example, this fractal would make a nice background:

If we create text as a selection and make a few adjustments in the cutout panel, we might come up with the image on the left.