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EyeCandy 3.1
Glow Filter

Created by: Fignations of Imaginment
This filter adds a glow effect to and around the selection.
If you choose this filter without making a selection, you will get the following error message: "This filter requires a selection or some opaque pixels in the current layer."


This adjust the width of the glow edge in order to get wider or narrower edges. The higher the amount, the wider the edge.

Left image: Width = 10
Right image: Width = 35



This determines the opacity of the edge. The higher the number, the more opaque, the lower the number, the more see-through it is.

Example image on the left: Opacity = 50


Opacity Dropoff

This determines how far from the selection the opacity "drops off" or fades away. The options are Fat, Medium, Thin, and Diffuse.

Top left image: Opacity Dropoff = Fat
Top right image: Opacity Dropoff = Medium
Bottom left image: Opacity Dropoff = Thin
Bottom right image: Opacity Dropoff = Diffuse


Example image on the left:

Width = 999
Opacity = 100
Dropoff = Fat

(Black edge added)



Select the glow color here.

Draw Everywhere

Selecting this fills the entire selection with the color chosen, plus the edge.

Saved effects

The pull-down menu that shows "Last Used" by default has a number of predefined effects you can choose. You can add your own settings by clicking on the pencil icon or delete settings by clicking on the eraser icon.

Other Shapes

Don't limit yourself to the entire image or to selected rectangles to create glow effects. Use the lasso tool to select interesting shapes or create rounded buttons, hexagons, etc.

Create text as a selection and apply the filter to the text. Just make sure that you use an image that's large enough to hold the large text selection. Invert the selection to put the glow "inside" the text.