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John's Fancy Fonts
Created by: Kastle Designs

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For the sake of this tutorial,
I would like you to download ectxt3d.zip.
So you will be looking at the same thing.

Open image sky.jpg.
Image || Resize
Set custom size to 200 x 160.
Then click OK.

Copy and Paste as New Image.
Minimize original sky image.
Set the foreground color to white (R=255; G=255; B=255).
Choose the Text Tool, and type in the text that you want.
I used Impact, you can use any font you like,
but for this tutorial make sure that it is a very bold font.
Then click OK.
Click on the Floodfill tool
In the Tool Options box use these settings:
Fill Style = Pattern
Blend Mode = Normal
Paper Texture = None
Match mode = RGB value
Tolerance = 20
Opacity = 100
Click on the second tab in the Tool Options box
new pattern source = sky.jpg or the image name that you are using.
Now place the curser on the text and fill.
With the Text still selected,
Image || Plug-in Filters || Eye Candy || Carve.
Use these settings:
Set Bevel width = 7
Bevel shape = rounded
Smoothness = 5
Shadow depth = 15
darken depth = 15
Highlight brightness = 80
Highlight sharpness = 40
Direction = 135
Inclenation = 45
Now click the check mark to apply the carve.
Image || Effects || Drop Shadow
Use these settings:
Color = black
Opacity = 100
Blur = 22
Vertical = 0
Horizontal = 8

Click ok.

Now deselect the text.
Select Selections || Select All.
Image || Plug-In filters || Eye Candy || Inner Bevel.
The settings should be:
Bevel Width = 5
Bevel shape = Rounded
Smoothness = 5
Shadow Depth = 50
Highlight Brightness = 80
Highlight Sharpness = 40
Direction = 135
Inclination = 45

Now click the check mark.