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John's Fancy Fonts
Created by: Kastle Designs

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For the sake of this tutorial,
I would like you to download ectxt3d.zip.
So you will be looking at the same thing.

Open image sky.jpg.
Image || || Resize
Set custom size to 200 x 160.
Then click OK.

Copy and Paste as New Image.
Minimize original sky image.
Set the foreground color to white (R=255; G=255; B=255).

Choose the Text Tool, and type in the text that you want.

I used Impact, you can use any font you like,
but for this tutorial make sure that it is a very bold font.
Then click OK.
Click on the Floodfill tool

Choose pattern for your FOREGROUND STYLE
And choose your original sky image as your pattern.

In the Tool Options box use these settings:
Blend Mode = Normal
Match Node = RGB Value
Tolerance = 20
Opacity = 100
Now place the curser on the text and fill.

With the Text still selected,
Effects ||Plug-in Filters ||Eye Candy || Carve.
Use these settings:
Set Bevel width = 7
Bevel shape = rounded
Smoothness = 5
Shadow depth = 15
darken depth = 15
Highlight brightness = 80
Highlight sharpness = 40
Direction = 135
Inclenation = 45
Now click the check mark to apply the carve.
Effects || Drop Shadow
Use these settings:
Color = black
Opacity = 100
Blur = 22
Vertical = 0
Horizontal = 8

Click ok.

Now deselect the text.
Select Selections || Select All.
Effects || Plug-In filters || Eye Candy || Inner Bevel.
The settings should be:
Bevel Width = 5
Bevel shape = Rounded
Smoothness = 5
Shadow Depth = 50
Highlight Brightness = 80
Highlight Sharpness = 40
Direction = 135
Inclination = 45

Now click the check mark.