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Rainbow Text with Multiple Gradients
Created by: Charith Carner

In this tutorial you will create a gradient image to use as a pattern. You can also use graphics which have multiple colors in them for your text. Creating gradient patterns can be easy with a few filters such as Kai's Power Tools, or Harry's Filters!

The first thing we will do is create a gradient pattern and save it so we can use it as a pattern.
Create a new images size 300 X 150, Background color white and 16.7 million colors.

Click on the Airbrush tool. We will fill this new graphic with our gradient fill colors using the Airbrush tool.
In the Tool Options box for the Airbrush tool we will use these settings:
Brush Size 25
Shape Round
Hardness 90
Density 100
Step 25
Pick a color of your choice for your foreground color.
Spray this first color on the far left of your image in one downward stroke.
Choose your next color in the Foreground Color box and Airbrush it next to the first color using one downward stroke.
Repeat this using different colors until your image is completely covered.
Now that we have the hard work done,
SAVE this image using the .psp or jpg file extension.
Name it something you will remember easily.
Keep this image open
DO NOT close it after you save it.
Open a new image, 300 X 150. Background color black, 16.7 million colors.

Select white as your foreground color.
Click on the TEXT TOOL.
Choose a nice fat font. (I used IMPACT)
Use a size of 28 or larger. Make sure FLOATING & Antialiased is checked.
Type your word in the Text Box and click OK.
Center the text in your graphic but...
Click on the Floodfill Tool.
Choose pattern for your FOREGROUND STYLE

Then click on the pattern to choose your gradient pattern from the list.
Click with the floodfill tool inside the text to fill it.

Now you have made the basic Rainbow text which should look pretty nice.
But you may want to use some filters or effects to spruce it up.
I used Eye Candy's Glass filter.

You now have the basic know-how to make a gradient type text.
The rest of the creativity...