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Chisel Effect Created by:Prof

The Chisel Effect is both an interesting and in some ways not a simple effect to achieve although a very easy effect to use. Basically, the effect created is a chiseled look to a shape (text or shape) that gives it an appearance of being carved out on a background image.

Standard Toolbar - New (image) button

Chisel Effect, Options, and Tips

The Options:

Size in pixels, and either:
Transparent (the edges of chiseled effect are transparent allowing a lower layer to show through)
Background Color (of the chiseled out area).

Key Points in Using the Chisel Effect:

1. Must be used on a Layer (not the Background)
2. Layer can be colored or transparent
2. Requires a selected area (text or a shape)
3. Selection may be on its own area as an option
4. Uses a background color (don't use black)

Tip #1:

The Size of the Chisel Effect should be fairly small for the effect to appear its best. However, experimentation is always in order.

The effect also looks better on a textured background, usually grey or greyish in color.

The Effect also looks better when there are more curves in the shape (selection).

Tip #2:

A very interesting outcome is created (a picture mat) using the Chisel and Colors > Negative Image.


Basic Image with Texture

A. Basic Set up:

1. New Canvas, 400 x 400 Transparent, 16 M
2. Flood Fill with Light Grey (192,192,192)
3. Use Effects > Noise set to 20% and uniform.
4. Use Effects > Texture Effects > Sculpture using the 3D preset.

Chisel: Size = 20
Chisel Effect with Size = 20

Chisel - Size = 8
Chisel Effect with Size = 8

B. Illustration #1

1. Duplicate the Background Layer to preserve basic setup.
2. Add a New Top Layer

3. Either Enter Your Name with the Text Tool using the biggest or fat font possible:
Font = Arial Black
Style Stroke = Null (right click on arrow and set to null)
Style Fill = Solid and Color = Black
Textures are both Null
Size = 72
Kerning = 300 to spread out the letters
Leading = 0
Antialias = Checked
Floating = Checked
Move Text to middle of Canvas using the Shift and Arrow Keys
Use a shape with as many curves as possible and fairly large in the Center of your canvas. Consider using the Draw Tool and Free Hand and just draw a shape with many curves.

4. Save the selection being used:
Selections || Save to Alpha
Click on the Delete Key to remove Color.
Finally, use: Selections || Load from Alpha to save just the selection.

5. Set:
Foreground = White
Background = Light Grey (192, 192, 192)

6. Use Effects || 3D Effects || Chisel
Size = 15 or 20
Background Color = Checked
Click on OK

7. Duplicate the Canvas Window || Duplicate

8. Go back to original canvas and use Control+Z until the chisel effect has been removed. Then use Chisel again but reset the size = 8 - 10. If your selection is not showing, first use Selections || Load from Alpha.

9. Just compare the two chisel effects of different sizes.

Comment: This image is nothing fancy. It only shows you the basic technique for using Chisel on a textured background.

Chisel with transparency set as background

C. Illustration #2

In either canvas, turn off the top layer and use the duplicated background layer. Get your selection from Selections || Load from Alpha.

Use: Chisel with these values:
Size = 20
Transparent = Checked

Notice the difference from the first images.

A frame matting

D. Illustration #3

Create a new canvas, 300 x 300 Transparent.

Double Click on the Selection Tool
Left = 20
Right = 280
Top = 20
Bottom = 280

Set Foreground = Black and background = White

Use Chisel with Size = 20 and Background Color

Deselect [Control+D]

Use Colors || Negative Image

Colors || Adjust Brightness/Contrast
Set Brightness = 60 to 80
Contrast = -40 to -60 (minus numbers)

You now have a Matting for inside your Frames or as a frame for your images. Just save it as a Frame file. File || Save As .pfr with name you will remember in your FRAMES directory and it will then show up as a Frame when you use Image || Picture Frames.

If you use it as a matting, first load it and then load the frame you want afterward.

Enjoy -- Prof --