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Making Part of an Image Monochrome
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Making Part of an Image Monochrome
Created by: Wendi

This tutorial demonstrates how to quickly select part of an image with a marquee, and make its surroundings monochrome.

Download File Download File
The download file on the left contains two images: the flag image that is used in this tutorial and that is quite easy to surround with a marquee, and a glass spheres image for you to practice. Alternatively you can of course select your own, ensuring it simple to begin with.
Open image Open a colour photograph into Paint Shop Pro's workspace.

Tool Palette - Freehand (lasso) tool

From the Tool palette select the Freehand Selection (Lasso) tool with the following settings:
– Selection type = Point to point (I find it the easiest to work with)
– Mode = Add (Shift)
– Feather = 0
– Anti-alias = checked


Now carefully draw your selection marquee around the subject (flag) by clicking with the left mouse button, remembering to follow the edges of the subject slowly, and bit by bit.


With a little practise, your subject will be completely surrounded by the marquee as shown on the left.

Once you have surrounded your subject, right-click or double-click to complete (close) the selection.


Next go to Selections || Invert, and the marquee will now surround the outer image as well as the flag.

Now go to Colors || Adjust || Hue/Saturation/Lightness with the following settings:
– Hue = 0
– Saturation = -100 (minus 100)
– Lightness = 0

Deselect with Selections || Select None (Ctrl+D).

The area surrounding your subject is now monochrome, and your image is complete.


Experiment – and if you wish your subject to be black and white instead of its surroundings, do not invert the selection!

Best wishes, Wendi.