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Lake Effect Java Applet


This tutorial created by Zu

I am sure you have seen it before... This is an effect created using a Java applet called "Lake Effect" and is really very simple to use. This tutorial will help you to put up your own Lake Effect Java!

The Lake Applet 

Lake applet takes any gif or jpg and puts it behind a virtual lake creating a ripple effect.
Follow the instructions below to use the Lake Applet with your own graphics!

Uh java!

The image above is the one used in the animation.
Please substitute your own logo etc.
1. Download the Lake applet zip file here. Once you download it, unzip it using WinZip.

2. Lake needs a single parameter called "image" for the gif or jpg file containing the background.

3. Add the Java applet code to your HTML document. Here's the code that creates the above: 

<APPLET CODE="lake" width=251 height=260>
<param name="image" value="/tutorial/html/tutweb/sunset.gif">

4. The sizing of the applet is important. The width should be the same as the width of the image, but the height should be set to twice the height of the image - 10. So if you have an image that is 200 pixels high, the applet should be (200 * 2) - 10 = 390 pixels high.

Shortening the image by 10 pixels ensures that a gap doesn't appear as the waves lap backwards and forwards. 

5. Make sure you pu-load the file lake.class to the same directory as the html page that the lake effect is on for it to work.



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