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Watermark Guidelines

  1. Contests are open to all PSPUG members.

  2. Entry Requirements:
    Watermark entries are submitted up until the deadline for each contest and must comply to the following guidelines. Images may be either a GIF or JPG file.

    • Width less than 100 pixels wide.
    • Height less than 200 pixels high.
    • Image needs to be a very light, almost transparent.
    • Images need to be on a 'White' Background.

    The final image will be a border image of about 1024 pixels wide and will be modified by Contest Staff for the four winning entries. These images will then be used on one of the PSPUG Forum Pages.

  3. Naming Convention for the entries:

    • Format: wmc-Initials-entry_number-month+year
    • Use three initials. If you submit more than one entry, number them consecutively.
    • Use just the first three letters for the month and the last two numbers for the year.
      Example: wmc-rrb-1-jan04.jpg

  4. Entries are to be sent as a ZIP file and sent as an Attachment.

    • Format: wmc-Initials-month+year.zip
    • Examples: wmc-rrb-jan04.zip
    • In the body of the message use this format:
      • Contest: [date]
      • Name: Real Name
      • Nick: Name to be used for the image display on the PSPUG page.

  5. Contest Entries are due by the closing date of the contest.

  6. PSPUG shall not be responsible for any errors in information as submitted by the members nor shall they be held responsible for delays or errors in transmission of entries.

  7. Entries submitted are assumed to be all original and of your own design. However, all images will become the property of PSPUG for purposes of copy right in order to display them. Authors, however, are also able to use their images on their own web sites if they wish.

  8. By entering the competition the member has acknowledged that they understand and accept these terms and conditions.

  9. Entries are submitted by e-mail to contests@pspug.org and with a Subject of the Contest Name and date.
    • To: contests@pspug.org
    • Subj: Watermark Contest 0903

    • Attachment: [name].zip

    • Body:
      • Real Name: (Kept confidential)
      • Nick Name: (Used as name on Entry Display page)

    • Entries submitted indicate an agreement with the guidelines.