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This webring has been established for members of the Paint Shop Pro Users Group. It consists of websites devoted to Paint Shop Pro which display graphics created with this program and often feature tutorials in using aspects of this software.

This Paint Shop Pro Users Group Net Ring
owned by Paint Shop Pro Users Group.

PSPUG Webring

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Joining the Webring

PSPUG is a organization developed and operated within the United States of America and will be subject to the laws and limitations of the USA. PSP Users Group has the right to refuse participation to any website violating the rules as listed herein.

Rules to join:

  1. No websites promoting illegal activities of any kind will be allowed.

  2. Websites displaying any form of nudity or linking to sites with nudity will not be allowed. These include sites with fantasy art, or any representation of the nude human form.
    This does not apply to paintings of an artistic nature, providing they are definitely artistic. The Paint Shop Pro Users Group reserves the right to decide between artistic and nudity.

  3. Sites containing "avatar graphics" (unless they are strictly cartoon or animal in nature) will not be allowed.

  4. All websites displaying any form of suggestive writing of an erotic nature not appropriate for minors to read must post a statement of notice indicating that writings (or links) of a Mature Nature. This notice must be posted to the page on which the writing is located and on the main page of the site.
    This allows the webring surfer to make a informed decision to continue into the site or bypass the site via the webring.

  5. All PSPUG Webring sites should make a concerted effort to abide by and honour all copyright laws. Any site found deliberately violating these laws will be removed from the webring.

  6. The site should be well maintained with a minimum of broken links, java - javascript errors, etc. Counters and clocks are excluded as they are subject to the server providing the service.

  7. Approved PSPUG Webring graphic(s) must be posted. Webring graphics should NOT be posted as representing the PSP Users Group webring without prior approval of the PSP Users Group.

  8. You MUST add the webring to the page you submit on the application. The ring does not have to be on the opening page but you must have the URL where the webring is in the application. Please add the code as soon as possible.

  9. The HTML codes for the webring must be working and functional.

Remember to place the exact URL where the ring will be placed on your site when filling out the application with Ringsurf. If the ring does not check out as active with ringsurf, you will not be added to the ring.

Please download the logo below and upload to the directory where you will be placing the ring code.

PSPUG Webring

Click Here to join the Paint Shop Pro Webring.

If you have any problems, email the Paint Shop Pro Users Group Webring ringmaster@pspug.org .