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mIRC Setup & Connection

You can download mIRC here.

After downloading and installing mIRC, follow these directions to setup your connection to StarChat.Net and #psp/group.

First, please open the current servers list. Try selecting one that is near your location. If you find you have problems with it, you may always add a new server at a later date.

Start mIRC.

mIRC Setup window

After the main program window opens you should then see the mIRC Setup window.
If it does not appear automatically simply click on yellow folder icon or File | Setup.

1. If you have a StarChat entry in the drop down list, click on EDIT. If you do not, click on ADD. Either of these will bring up the mIRC Edit Server window, illustrated below.

mIRC edit Server window2. Here is where you enter the server information from the current servers list.

Enter a name for this server connection, such as StarChat, location
IRC Server:
Enter the server name EXACTLY how it appears on the server list
6667 is always the default. If others are listed, you may add those, separated by a comma. Do not use spaces.
Click OK to close and save.

3. Complete the information in the mIRC Setup window.

Full Name:
Give yourself a name. It is not wise to list your complete name. Don't make yourself an easy target for someone who may wish to harass you.
E-Mail Address:
Again, for safety's sake, use a blind or fictitious address.
Enter what you would like to be known as during the chat. Often people use the same name as they use on our Message Forum.
Enter an alternate choice for a nickname should your first choice be in use. Often people add a special character ( ^, -, or _ ) to their nick.
It is advised to check this box. This hides you from people doing a blanket search for people connected to the network, however you remain visible to those that search for your exact nickname.

4. Click Connect to IRC Server! You will be on your way. Should you be unable to connect to the server you have selected, simply repeat the above steps 1 and 2, trying a different server.

Upon a successful connection, the mIRC Channels Folder window should open.

mIRC Channels Folder
5. Enter the name of the channel EXACTLY: #psp/group. Anything else and you will be sitting in a room by yourself!

Click the ADD button to add this channel to your list. (On future visits you may skip this step.)

6. Scroll to #psp/group in your mIRC Channels Folder window.
Click on it.

Click on join.

If all has gone well, you should receive a welcome message from ChanServ inviting you to visit the Paint Shop Pro Users Group web site.

Still need some more help getting familiar with mIRC? Please check out the IRC and mIRC Basics tutorial in our Tutorials arena.

If you have any comments or questions relating to this page, please contact Ped