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About StarChat Chat

Volunteers Needed

The PSPUG operates a channel (chat room)
on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network StarChat.Net.

If you enjoy IRC chat and are interested in donating a minimum
of one hour a week to host a chat, please contact Ped.

This includes all our members in the eastern hemisphere as well!

Connecting to PSPUG IRC Chat

To chat with us we suggest you use an IRC chat client (program) such as mIRC or PIRCH. In addition, you may wish to check out some resources for IRC help.

Click on one of the following links for instructions on how to set up your connections for mIRC or PIRCH.

mirc setup
How to set-up and Use mIRC
pirch setup
How to set-up and use pIRCh

Help Resources

Willy^, a PSPug member, has compiled an excellent set of links at Willy's Place to help you learn more about IRC, mIRC and PIRCH.

The StarChat web site offers several pages and links to help also - Services, IRC Info, Servers.

If you have any comments or questions relating to this page, please contact Ped