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Chat Rules for #psp/group

General Chat Rules

  1. Profanity is not allowed.

  2. Sexual harassment or advances are not allowed.

  3. Trading of illegal software or pornography is not allowed.

  4. If you break these rules you will receive a warning from the host/moderator. (at least one but not more than two warnings)

  5. Ignoring these warnings could result in your being "kicked" from the channel.

  6. Flagrant and Repeat offenders WILL be banned from the #psp/group channel, and possibly from the chat server itself.

Study Session and Meeting Rules

  1. Study Sessions and Meetings are moderated forums, a moderated forum means speaking in the channel is controlled by the host or moderator.

  2. If you have a question type "?" then Enter

  3. If you have a comment type "!" then Enter

  4. Questions and Comments will be addressed by the moderator in the order they are recieved

  5. To avoid having the group wait while you type, after entering a "?" or "!" type your question or comment but do not hit enter. When the moderator gives you the floor hit enter to post your comment or question.

  6. When the moderator asks if you are finished with a task (study session), or if you are ready to change subjects (meeting), reply by typing "ga" for "go ahead" then hit enter to post your reply.

These rules are intended to make your visit to #psp/group informative, enjoyable and safe.
Thank you for making #psp/group a great place to visit.

Chat Coordinator
Paint Shop Pro Users Group

If you have any comments or questions relating to this page, please contact Ped