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StarChat Info
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If you are unfamiliar with chatting on IRC, we would like you to know that StarChat was chosen by the PSPUG because of its

  • enforcement of proper rules of conduct

  • no sex or warez channels

  • multiple server availability

  • connection available thru browser

  • friendly, helpful staff of IRCops

  • services ChanServ, NickServ, and MemoServ

all of which will enhance your chat experience. We are excited about being part of the StarChat family. Visit their site or read their weekly Star Chatter magazine on line to learn more about the network, its services, and general IRC information.

While chatting on IRC StarChat, help is also available.
  1. For a listing of all channels (rooms) currently open, on the input line of your server window simply type the command: /list

  2. Try to find your program's name in the channel list, such as #pirch-help, or #mirc. (Learn to read the # as channel- i.e. channel mirc.)

  3. #StarPatrol, #StarKnights and #cservice are general help channels run by StarChat

  4. For information on the three network services:

    1. ChanServ
      Channel registration and administration
      /msg ChanServ help

    2. NickServ
      Nickname registration, information, and functions
      /msg NickServ help

    3. MemoServ
      A messaging/mailbox service for registered users
      /msg MemoServ help

Nickname Information

Unable to connect - nickname in use.
If you receive a message like this on your screen, you MUST select a different nickname. Once you have decided upon it type /nick your_new_nickname into the text input area of the server window. Hit the enter key.

  1. Mary tries to log on

  2. She recieves a nick in use message

  3. She decides to try Mary2day

  4. Text she would enter: /nick Mary2day

You Receive this Message:
[NickServ] : This nick belongs to another user, please change nicks
[NickServ] : Or you will be removed from the network in 90 seconds
[NickServ] : If this is your nick please try: /msg NickServ ID password

If you encounter this message, you MUST change your nickname, if you are not the registered owner of this nickname. To change your nick follow the Example in the box above. If you believe you have previously registered the nickname, you must identify to nickserv or it will kick you off that nick too.

To identify to nickserv: /msg NickServ ID yourpassword

For further instructions please consult the IRC FAQ page.

If you have any comments or questions relating to this page, please contact Ped